Who Won The Debate? Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Showdown Proves There’s Only One Candidate Fit To Be President

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place last night, and there was one clear winner. Former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton proved that she’s the only candidate fit to be president. A woefully unprepared Donald Trump attempted to make jabs at Clinton from all angles. However, the Democratic candidate remained calm and stood her ground, painting herself as presidential material and her opponent a bumbling fool.

According to the Guardian, Hillary Clinton was formidably prepared for her first showdown with Donald Trump. On the other hand, the Republican candidate’s decision not to prepare for the debate didn’t pay off. Early in the debate, Clinton managed to square Trump into a defensive position. Following that, Trump continued his attempts to make jabs at Clinton. However, many were seen as petty and easily rebutted by Clinton, who was praised for her calm and collected responses to the billionaire.

Perhaps the most prominent takeaway from last night’s debate is Donald Trump’s thin skin. Faced with pressure from both Hillary Clinton and moderator Lester Holt, the Republican candidate appeared angry in many of his responses. It painted a very clear picture. Is this man capable of representing the United States on the international stage?


Of course, Donald Trump took a jab at Hillary Clinton’s personality, too. In a raging rant, Trump claimed Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be president. However, Clinton was quickly able to rebut those claims, reeling off her achievements as secretary of state in comparison to Donald Trump’s lack of experience on the international stage. In one of the defining moments of last night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton proved that she’s ready to deal with international allies and enemies from day one.

Clinton similarly wasn’t afraid to play on Donald Trump’s lack of preparedness, saying, “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes I did. You know what else I did? I prepared to be president.” Throughout the debate, Donald Trump’s decision not to prepare was apparent.


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It wouldn’t have been a debate with Donald Trump if there hadn’t been a few lies chucked in too. According to BuzzFeed, Trump managed to squeeze in a few whoppers about Clinton’s links to ISIS, his stance on the Iraq war and denying climate change. Donald Trump quickly found that his lies don’t settle with an international audience as easily as they do with his own supporters. In fact, Clinton, who has previously been lambasted as a liar herself, was quickly proven as the honest candidate on the stage.


Clinton also proved herself to be the only candidate with serious solutions to the problems facing America. The controversial segment about race and policing in the country saw Donald Trump throwing out the same spiel that he’s fed his supporters on the campaign trail, to which Clinton replied by saying it was unfortunate Trump painted “such a dire negative picture of black communities,” whilst opposing Donald Trump’s support for stop-and-frisk searching in New York.

In conclusion, the polls may not represent it, but there was one clear winner in last night’s debate. Hillary Clinton has once again proven that she’s the only candidate with the experience and temperament for the most important office in the world. Hillary Clinton is fit for the presidency; Donald Trump is not.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]