Renato Seabra: Bizarre ‘Boy Toy’ Murder Trial Details Include Wearing Castrated Testicles

Underwear model Renato Seabra, 22, is the focus of a bizarre and brutal Manhattan murder trial dubbed the boy toy and sugar daddy case. The Portuguese man is accused of strangling, bludgeoning, and then castrating his wealthy and much older lover. Opening statements began in the mutilation murder trial on Friday, but only after the jurors were screened for their ability to deal with the graphic nature of the testimony and autopsy photos. There are eight women and four men seated in the jury box.

Carlos Castro, 65, was still alive when his testicles were sliced off with a corkscrew, according to evidence reports. Castro, a well-known fashion writer, and Seabra, allegedly argued inside their Times Square hotel room while in Manhattan on vacation, the New York Post reports. Defense attorneys are reportedly hoping to prove that Renato Seabra is not guilty by reason of insanity, the New York Daily News notes.

Lead prosecutor Maxine Rosenthal had this to say about the boy toy trial during her opening statement:

“He was choked. He was bashed over the head with a computer and his head was stomped on.”

Carlos allegedly told his friend Wanda Perez that tension was in the air during a conversation the evening before the murder.

Defense attorney Ruben Sinins told the jury that Seabra snapped the evening of Castro’s murder, suffering a first-ever psychotic break.

Sinins had this to say during his opening statement:

“The evidence will show that during the incident, Renato Seabra took a cork screw and hacked at Carlos Castro, at his testicles. That he dug them out, the he pulled them out, with a cork screw. The evidence will further show that as he explained to the police, the very next day, he believed Mr. Castro’s testicles were demons, and that by pulling them out, everything would be right with the world.”

According to the defense attorney’s statements, after the testicles were removed, Seabra slit his wrists and then put one testicle on each wrist. The suspected sugar daddy murderer reportedly wanted to harness the power of the testicles.