Clinton-Trump Debate: Twitter’s Hilarious Take On The Presidential Election Face-Off

The Clinton-Trump debate is trending right, now not only for being what could be the most watched presidential face-off in American history, but in incomprehensible funny ways one could only imagine.

Entertainment Weekly compared the stratospheric hype brought about by the first debate between Democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton and GOP’s Donald Trump to previous presidential debates the United States have witnessed in the past.

According to the outlet, the Clinton-Trump debate should gain viewership that exceeds a whopping 81 million audiences to be crowned the “Most-Watched Debate of All Time” which is currently held by the 1980 face-off between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

While Clinton and Trump have been quite busy making noise in the news, there is still some doubt as to whether they piqued the Americans’ interest enough to surpass Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s average of 67 million viewers in the previous election cycle.

EW says the Obama-Romney debate was one of the presidential debates with a huge chunk of audiences tuned in, next to 1992’s debate between Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ross Perot with 69.9 million viewers.

Though that’s a whole lot of audience to fill in, EW may be on to something when it opened the possibility of the Clinton-Trump debate taking the record considering that Twitter is having a field day of serious comments, jokes, and everything in between about the event.

Mashable featured one Tweet that highlighted a minute but equally significant matter that struck those joining the live audience in awe.

Alicia Lutes shared a photo of the ticket for the first 2016 Presidential Debate and noted how the printer misspelled Clinton’s first name. Check it out.

While it may be a tiny issue, Mashable believes that it still matters considering that Clinton is vying for the highest seat in the land only to find out that some people do not even know how to spell her name.

A second feature from the outlet showcased some of the least likely people who would attend the debate, emphasized under #UnlikelyDebateGuests.

From fictional characters and pop culture icons to downright funny political zingers, Twitter users become more creative with each one with Mashable noting that every single one with a touch of sarcasm in its own way. See for yourself.

Truth and sincerity #UnlikelyDebateGuests

— Pagan sex god (@pagansexgod) September 27, 2016

Vince McMahon, showing his support for Trump, then thinks better of it #UnlikelyDebateGuests @TheUnlikelyGame

— Charles Chase (@IAmCharlesChase) September 27, 2016

Of course, there is still a great chance that all these Twitter users only have time for five-word posts and are really not interested in what the candidates have to say. After all, the odds are against the Clinton-Trump debate considering that ESPN’s Monday Night Football is on the exact same time.

Even so, there are still some Clinton-Trump debate moments that people are waiting to witness including the most-awaited handshake between the candidates, the moderator’s fact-checking their arguments and so much more as featured in another Entertainment Weekly piece.

Trump and Clinton also shared Tweets of their own to either criticize their opponent or highlight their advantage.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]