Trump Sniffing: Was Donald Sick During #DebateNight? #SniffGate [Video]

It wasn’t the first time that Donald Trump was accused of sniffing a lot — however, during Monday night’s presidential debate with an estimated 100 million people watching Trump and Hillary Clinton debate — it was a very prominent spotlight on Trump’s sniffing.

Before long, Trump had his own @TrumpSniff Twitter account.

In short order, the “Trump Sniff” Twitter account made jokes about Trump needing tissues.

As a result of Trump’s incessant sniffing during the debate, a search for “Trump sniffing” on Facebook and on Twitter has brought up a bunch of feedback about Donald’s noticeable sniffs.

Previously, Trump’s sniffing was compiled into a series of sniffing video snippets.

With Trump’s new sniffing round that was noticed throughout the debate on Monday night, the cause of Trump’s sniffs were attributed to everything from health struggles to something more sinister as people debated the source of Trump’s sniffing.

Trump’s sniffing was especially noticeable as the debates got underway — and as a result of Trump sniffing so much, folks on social media turned the tables on Trump, who oftentimes criticized Hillary for coughing during her speeches. Instead of Trump attacking Clinton and questioning her health, people on social media attacked Donald for sniffing — and questioned his health as a result of his sniffs.

trump sniffing
[Photo by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

The above photo shows Trump and Clinton shaking hands prior to their first presidential debate.

As seen in the sample of tweets from Twitter about Trump’s sniffing below — as well as a sampling of Facebook comments below about Trump’s sniffing — plenty of folks blamed Trump’s sniffing on nervousness or worse things. People also pulled out their creative writing skills as they noted Trump’s loud sniffing into the microphone during the debate, blaming Trump’s sniffing on scary illnesses, masculine posturing, and Trump acting like the accountant in a famous episode of Seinfeld.

“Trump’s sniffing air into his auxiliary sacs to make his neck appear thick and masculine.”

“Is it just me or is Donald Trump constantly sniffing.”

“Trump is sniffing loudly. He’s nervous.”

“Trump sniffing, black lung?”

“Trump is sniffing a lot.”

“What’s up with Trump sniffing so much? I’m worried about his health. Weak. Sad.

“Trump is sniffing a lot! HEALTH SCARE!!!!

“Trump is sniffing.”

Trump sniffing [Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]

“Trump sniffing like Jerry Seinfeld’s accountant.”

“Why is Trump sniffing?”

“Does Trump have a cold? He is sniffing like coon hound on a hot trail.”

“Trump is looking a little bit pale. Or less orange. And the sniffing. He is not sick is he?”

“When the debate started, Trump was sniffing a lot. My first thought? High.”

“He can’t stop sniffing. If its a cold they’d have given him meds earlier in day wouldn’t they?”

“Trump is also sniffing a great deal.”

has moved from sniffing to breathing rather heavily.”

The republican presidential nominee who is Trump seemed to stop sniffing for certain portions of the presidential debate.

Trump also abstained from sniffing in order to admonish Democratic presidential nominee Clinton at Hofstra University for not releasing the 33,000 deleted emails that Trump claimed Hillary won’t reveal. Clinton called Trump’s focus on her emails a classic “bait and switch” tactic when Trump was pressed about releasing his tax returns.

The debate took place in Hempstead, New York, on Monday, September 26, when Trump was pressed about hiding something by not releasing his tax returns.

Meanwhile, the source of Trump’s sniffing continued to represent a big debate point on social media during the debate.

Much of the feedback on social media proved that Trump’s sniffing was a big distraction during the debate.

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]