Kim Zolciak Talks About Daughter Brielle’s Hopes To Get TV Gig, Comparisons To Kylie Jenner

Kim Zolciak is famous from her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but now she has her own show Don’t Be Tardy. Kim has made her children famous as well from the reality show. Now Wet Paint is sharing that Kim Zolciak has hopes that her daughter Brielle Biermann will get a career in television, which is what she really wants to do. Brielle is used to having the camera around, so this switch shouldn’t be hard for her.

Brielle has done a bit of television as viewers recently saw her as the bartender on Watch What Happens Live when her mom appeared on the show. Brielle also got the chance to visit a television studio on the show Don’t Be Tardy. Kim Zolciak explained that this is what her daughter wants to do as a career eventually.

“She’s well-spoken, she’s also personable, and people have always been able to talk to her. She always knows what’s going on with celebrities. She’s been in front of the cameras for 10 years, and she’s been interviewed herself, and she’s done interviewing. She’s in a really good position, and I will help her whatever way I can.”

Everyone knows that Kim Zolciak recently let her daughter Brielle get lip injections, which caused fans to wonder about a few things. Some wonder if she plans to get surgery later on and then others are saying that Brielle wants to be just like Kylie Jenner. Kim actually doesn’t want her daughter getting other surgery done. She explained her thoughts on surgery.

“Surgery just is not really necessary. For me, I want to feel good and I encourage my girls to do the same. Brielle loves her lips and that’s it … But surgery is a far different ballgame — anesthesia and all that.”

Kim Zolciak also shared that Brielle actually looks up to Kylie Jenner instead of wanting to be her. She feels like the only comparison between the girls is that they got their lips done, and they are both on reality television. Brielle and Kylie aren’t really alike at all to her. Kim Zolciak went on to say, “Kylie works her a—s off. As much as people want to say she was handed this career, she really wasn’t. And Brielle sees that. Brielle will say, ‘Kylie got a new car today,’ and I’ll say, ‘Well, Kylie was probably up at 5 a.m.” Kim obviously wants her daughter to realize that hard work is the way you get places. Brielle has recently been working with her mom and helping her as her assistant.

Us Magazine shared that Kim Zolciak is proud of her kids, but another thing she is really proud of is her body after having six children. Kim is always showing her body off and on Sunday shared a bikini picture on Instagram. After having six children, you can’t even tell when you look at her body. Four of those kids she had in 30 months. Kim’s younger kids are really close together, and she also had a set of twins. Kim also shared with her fans wanting everyone to know that she doesn’t always photoshop things even though people seem to think that she does. Kim does work out a lot and take care of her body. After her stroke last year, Zolciak is just happy to be alive and wants to make sure nothing else happens to her health.

Do you think that Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle will end up getting a career in television? Do you think that she is trying to be like Kylie Jenner? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Don’t Be Tardy on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

[Featured Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Sherri Hill]