‘The Sims 4’ Next Expansion Pack ‘City Living’ Introduces Apartments, Lot Traits That Offer Bonuses Or Challenges Granted By The Lot

The third expansion for The Sims 4, the upcoming “City Living” pack includes everything a city Sim could want. A new urban city of San Myshuno is the world Sims can find themselves in once the expansion releases in November. This world keeps Sims living close together in tight communities with the use of apartments. The city itself is a bit different from worlds like Willow Creek and Newcrest, though. In San Myshuno, Sims can find festivals, protests, and more occurring throughout the city’s neighborhoods.

The cornerstone of the “City Living” expansion is the ability to live in an apartment. Apartments are very different from the standard house in The Sims 4. The major difference between the two is that tenants of apartments cannot alter their apartment like they would a house. They can decorate it as they see fit, but adjusting the layout is out of the question since the landlord owns the property. In fact, Sims that live in an apartment will need to deal with their landlord and their apartments quirks according to the official site.

The Sims 4
A look at an apartment building with a penthouse [Image via Electronic Arts]

Obviously, families of Sims living in apartments will get to know each other much quicker than those found in The Sims 4 traditional neighborhoods. Apartment owners will be able to hear their neighbors playing music or getting romantic too loudly. Not to mention, neighbors might stop by for a favor, and if something goes wrong, Sims will need to get their landlord involved. Apartments are much smaller than houses, too, which might create extra drama for groups of roommates.

“Apartments bring with them an assortment of interesting characters and quirks. Unlike houses, you’re more limited in what you can do (the landlord won’t be happy with you knocking out walls and building new bathrooms), but there’s a lot of gameplay found in the few hundred square feet of your Sim’s new apartment.”

Additionally, as stated on The Sims 4 official blog, apartments have their own quirks called or Lot Traits that affect the residents. Some apartments are considered a Party Place where Sims can easily make new friends while others are flagged with other traits like Home Studio, Chef’s Kitchen, or Romantic Aura. These Lot Traits give Sims dwelling there bonuses to certain skills. Some Lot Traits are better than others, though, and players might just find their Sims in an apartment with the Filthy trait.

The Sims 4
An apartment with the Filthy trait in The Sims 4 [Image via Electronic Arts]

That new feature of “City Living” will also expand to other worlds in The Sims 4. Lot Traits can be applied to any lot in the game for those that own the expansion. Players can do so by entering Build Mode and editing the Lot Trait to their liking. Although players will not be able to adjust an apartment’s layout and Lot Traits, they can edit a penthouse. A penthouse is the top floor of an apartment building where the owner can use Build Mode freely. After all, a Sim in a penthouse owns the whole floor giving them a chance to benefit from living in the city without some of the apartment restrictions as noted on the game’s blog.

“Would your Sim prefer a quieter lifestyle, or one where you can blast your music free of complaints? Once again, this is your floor. The only people in the penthouse are the ones your Sim invited! It’ll also be nice living in a vermin free space.”

The expansion will also include new careers, new objects, and new Create-A-Sim items. The new careers include the ambitious Politician, the finicky Critic, and the Social Media expert. New objects include furniture, decorations, and the normal additions often found in an expansion pack for The Sims 4. Players can also expect a plethora of new clothes, accessories, and more for their Sims some of which can be seen in the “City Living” trailer.

“City Living” is set to release on November 3 with a price tag comparable to other expansion packs for the game. Players can even pre-order the expansion pack directly from Origin right now for $39.99. Of course, the base game is required to play the upcoming expansion. Several stuff, game, and expansion packs are currently available including the recently released “Backyard Stuff” pack. As the Inquisitr reported, the “Backyard Stuff” pack and The Sims 4 free update that added a nanny service released in July.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]