Mike Pence For Vice President? Here’s Why This Is A Horrible Idea

When Donald Trump named Mike Pence as his running mate for vice president, a large portion of the United States at the same reaction – “who?” If you don’t live in Indiana, know someone who lives in Indiana, or care about the state of Indiana at all, chances are pretty good you have little – if any – idea regarding who Mike Pence is. For Hoosiers (the name affectionately given to those who live in Indiana), however, this announcement filled many with fear, shock, and horror.


So, just who is Mike Pence? Why did Trump select Pence to be his vice president running mate? Will he be a good vice president? As a Hoosier who has lived in the state of Indiana my entire life, and someone who feels that Pence was one of the worst governors the state of Indiana has ever had, I can assure you that Mike Pence being the Vice President of the United States is a horrible idea. Below, you can find all of the reasons why.

He Could Become President!

If Donald Trump becomes president and Donald Trump gets assassinated, Mike Pence is next in line to be the President of the United States. For anyone who lives in Indiana and got to experience, first hand, how this man runs a state, we know just how terrifying this thought is. For anyone who happens to think Donald Trump is the worst possible option for President of the United States, I can assure you Mike Pence would be worse.


He Approved One Of The Most Restrictive Abortion Laws In The United States

According to New York Times, Mike Pence signed a bill into law in the state of Indiana back in April which made it illegal for women to get an abortion because of fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Basically, this means that if a woman in the state of Indiana has the test done to see whether or not the baby has a condition such as Down syndrome, it is illegal to have an abortion. The woman must have the child anyway. The law also made it illegal for women to donate fetal tissue. The law also required women to bury or cremate aborted babies or miscarried babies. The law also placed impossible restrictions on abortion providers in the state. These restrictions were identical to restrictions that were recently determined to be unconstitutional in the state of Texas.

Does Mike Pence have any idea how expensive cremation and burial can be? The average Indiana Hoosier doesn’t have enough money to cremate every baby that is miscarried for reasons out of her control.

He Made Discrimination Legal

In 2015, Mike Pence signed a “religious freedom” law which gave business owners the right to refuse service to anyone in the LGBT community. This law was compared to when businesses used to discriminate against African-Americans during the days of segregation. Because of how quick and intense the backlash for the law was, Pence was forced to amend the law, according to Rolling Stones.

He Is Adamantly Against Raising Minimum Wage

Media Matters reports that Pence has a very long history of working against raising the minimum wage in the state of Indiana. In 2013, Pence created opposition to a proposal which would have raised minimum wage in the state of Indiana $8.25 (making it a dollar more than it is now).

He Is Robotic And Hard To Talk To

According to Zach Osowski, statehouse reporter for the Evansville Courier & Press, Mike Pence is impossible to get a direct answer. Media Matters reports the following is exactly what Zach had to say about Pence.

“It is hard to get a direct answer out of him. He comes up with what he wants to say and he sticks to it. It’s frustrating for some people. It’s kind of robotic.”

Based on the statement Zach has made, you can assume Mike Pence to be a stubborn man who makes up his mind and then sticks to whatever it is he decides. This is a man who is next to impossible to reason or debate with.


He Is A Climate Change Denier

According to Bill Moyers, Pence (just like Trump) denies the fact that the climate is changing. In 2015, he refused to comply with the Clean Power Plan Obama had put in place. This made Indiana one of the states challenging the plan. EcoWatchclaims that Pence “killed Indiana’s successful energy efficiency program.”

The following tweet does a fantastic job of summing up what Pence and Trump have to offer the United States as President and Vice President:


The media has done a pretty fantastic job of highlighting all of the issues and differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But, what about the vice president candidates? When you vote for Donald Trump, you are also voting for Mike Pence. He did a pretty good job of terrorizing and ruining (or at least trying to ruin) the state of Indiana. Do you want him to do that to the United States as well?

With these reasons in mind, I’d love to see what you think in the comments.

[Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images]