‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Jade Roper And Tanner Tolbert Talk Nick Viall, ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ And Babies

Bachelor in Paradise couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert have made something of their relationship that few Bachelor couples are able to achieve. They met during Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and after being inseparable on the show the two became engaged on the finale. Jade and her dog Pippa almost immediately moved to Kansas City to be with Tanner and his cat when the season concluded. Jade and Tanner did not have a long engagement and married in January 2016. Now the newlyweds are speaking out about their time on Marriage Boot Camp, having babies and new Bachelor Nick Viall.

While the Tolbert’s appear to have a fairy tale marriage, Tanner says they have issues to work through like any other newlywed couple. People shared Jade and Tanner’s thoughts on why they decided to join Marriage Boot Camp. Tanner shares that he and Jade never did premarital counseling since their relationship moved at such a fast pace. Tanner said he and Jade “viewed it as an opportunity to lay a good foundation.”

Tanner went on to share with a laugh that Jade can be messy. Tolbert also says they both know little issues can become big issues “so why not try to nip those in the bud early on?” Jade weighs in on their appearance on Marriage Boot Camp by saying that fans will see them have fights, but that is a normal thing for all relationships. Jade went on to say, “I think people kind of have this idea that you go on The Bachelor and you have this perfect relationship, but we’re normal, just like everyone else, and we have our issues.” UsWeekly shared a promo for the upcoming Marriage Boot Camp:Reality Stars season 6 in which Tanner and Jade share a tense moment and he declares he doesn’t even know her.

Aside from working through their small newlywed issues and filming Marriage Boot Camp, Jade and Tanner have been busy planning for their future. Roper and Tolbert have already broke ground on building their dream home in Kansas City. Fans are hoping the pitter patter of little feet are in Jade and Tanner’s near future. Us Weekly shared that Tanner and Jade are talking about starting their family. Tanner said their home will be completed in the spring so perhaps next year fans will hear of baby Tolbert on the way. The couple have not decided how many children they want to have, but Tanner joked two and a half. However many babies Jade and Tanner have, one thing is certain, they will be beautiful.

Being a success story of the Bachelor franchise, fans always want to hear what Jade and Tanner think about other current Bachelor relationships and of course new Bachelor Nick Viall. People shared what Jade and Tanner had to say about Nick as he begins his journey to find love. Tanner says he is good friends with Viall and knows he is very candid and tells it like it is. Tolbert thinks this season will be very entertaining. Jade added, “I think he’s going to be a really strong lead, so it’s going to be good.”

What advice do Jade and Tanner have for Nick? Tanner says with true Tolbert humor, “Nick, don’t have sex with anyone until the Fantasy Suite this time.” Tanner is referring to Nick and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s decision to sleep together, prior to those much talked about overnight dates, on last season of The Bachelorette. Jade says that women should be real and not be afraid to stand up for themselves. Roper says, “Nick always talks about how he wants somebody who’s very confident and very sure of themselves and will challenge him.” Tanner adds that Nick will see through fake and so the women on the show should be real and have fun.

Tanner and Jade were also asked about their thoughts on the three couples who got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Tanner says he still can’t believe it happened. He admitted he did not know if they would last. Jade also admitted she was surprised by the engagements. Roper shared that she is really hoping her close friend, Carly Waddell, will make her relationship work with Evan Bass.

Tanner and Jade did add a new family member recently, a new puppy named Finn. While it is a furry family member, fans are still happy to see Jade and Tanner’s fairy tale continue. Everyone looks forward to hearing the big announcement, hopefully in the near future, that Jade and Tanner will be growing their family once again, but this time with a new baby. Don’t miss Jade and Tanner on Marriage Boot Camp premiering October 7. The new season of The Bachelor will premiere in January 2017.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for WE tv]