Bethesda Is Still Working On Ways To Bring ‘Fallout 4’ Mods To PS4

While Bethesda had originally hoped to deliver mod support to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Fallout 4, the developer announced earlier this month that Sony had unfortunately decided to not approve the release of user mods on the PS4. This came after several months of delays which had seen the launch of Fallout 4 mods get continually pushed back on the PS4.

Sony’s decision to block Fallout 4 mod support came as a blow to PlayStation 4 owners who had been waiting for their chance to try out the user created content ever since it was expected to become available on the PS4 this past June. Thankfully, however, the developer isn’t simply giving up on the idea of bringing Fallout 4 mods to Sony’s console as the team is now actively seeking other ways to deliver user mods to the PlayStation 4.

Responding to fan suggestions on how the team could still make mods work on the PS4, Bethesda’s vice president of public relations and marketing, Pete Hines, revealed on Twitter that the developer is looking into ways to possibly still get Fallout 4 mod support on the PlayStation 4. Since Sony decided not to allow the user-created content to be delivered via the team’s own BethesdaNet service, as it is on Xbox One, Hines confirmed that they are investigating alternatives instead.

The recent news that Sony wasn’t going to allow Fallout 4 mods on the PS4 seemed to come as a surprise to Bethesda as well as fans of the post-apocalyptic game. Shortly after the game was first announced at last year’s E3 event, the developer revealed their plans to make mods available on console systems. Over the next several months, Bethesda worked on getting Xbox One and PS4 users access to mods in Fallout 4.

The goal was partially realized in late May when Fallout 4 mods officially released on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, mod support never came to the PlayStation 4 the following month when it was scheduled to launch. While fans have speculated who was to blame for the issues, Bethesda is now claiming that it was Sony who decided to block Fallout 4 mods on the PS4 despite all the work that had been done.

In other tweets to fans, Hines confirmed that the work on PS4 mod support was fully completed and submitted to Sony for review. According to the Bethesda representative, Fallout 4 mods were in a playable state and ready to be released but were ultimately denied by Sony.

Some gamers have also questioned whether the lack of Fallout 4 mods on the PS4 was a result of some kind of exclusivity deal with Microsoft. However, a PlayStation Lifestyle report states that Hines fully denies this rumor as Bethesda would have already released the feature for the PlayStation 4 if it were up to them.

Fallout 4 mods hoped to give players more content beyond DLC [Image via]

The fist indication that there might be problems getting Fallout 4 mods on PS4 came after Bethesda released details for the first planned upload test for the PlayStation 4. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, users grew worried that the maximum file size for PS4 mods were initially half the size as those that were available on the Xbox One. However, it seems that Bethesda did eventually manage to overcome these preliminary issues as the developer has now confirmed that work on PlayStation 4 Fallout 4 mods was finished.

It comes as no surprise that Bethesda is still trying to find a way to get mods working on the PS4. Over the past year, the developer has repeatedly admitted that they have wanted to bring user mods to consoles since the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, so the team isn’t ready to give up on that decade-old dream just yet.

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Fallout 4 recently received the final piece of official content, Nuka-World [Images via]

Have you given up on hoping for Fallout 4 mods to come to the PlayStation 4?

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