‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ Season 2 Finale: Will Ofelia Find Her Fiance, William?

Episode 12 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead saw a new and improved zombie fighting machine in Ofelia Salazar. However, not a single minute was spent on her story in Episode 13. So, can fans expect to see her in the Season 2 finale?

Spoiler alert: This article discusses the Season 2 finale of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

So far, the official synopses for the double episode Season 2 finale of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, seem to deal only with the struggle between Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her newly returned partner, Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis). Episode 13 concentrated on how Travis parted way with his wayward son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). As a result of this, Episodes 14 and 15 also seem to be dealing with the fallout from this separation.

However, viewers saw Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason) break away from the core group in Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead. Episode 12 revealed it was likely she was hoping to locate her ex-fiance, William. So, will Ofelia get to New Mexico in the Season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead? And could there be a reunion between her and her ex-fiance, William?

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2 finale, Episode 14, Wrath, Ofelia Salazar [Image by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]

Rest assured, Ofelia will turn up in the Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 finale. Both official images and a teaser clip have confirmed she will be there.

The teaser clip released by AMC for Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead shows Ofelia doing what she now does best in this show: being outwardly aggressive towards the infected.

At first, Ofelia is seen viewing a group of the infected as they walk along the highway. Then she is attacking the undead as they approach her truck. However, the quick succession of her kills could indicate various locations. Unfortunately, this is all that is seen of Ofelia in the Episode 14 sneak peek, so it is unclear if she makes it to new Mexico or not.

You can view the teaser clip for Episode 14 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead below.

The images for Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead show Ofelia mostly on foot. There are only three images, so far, that directly show Ofelia, and one that could be the infected following her if the teaser clip of Episode 14 is an indicator.

In the first image, Ofelia is standing next to the truck. She doesn’t have her backpack like she does in the other images, so perhaps something has just happened to the truck and she is getting ready to leave it behind? The second image shows Ofelia leaning against a tree, looking behind her. She looks concerned, perhaps it is the infected approaching her? Finally, the third image shows Ofelia standing next to a wire fence. A hole has been cut. This time she is starring off into the distance at something. She is also holding a water bottle. It is unclear whether the bottle is empty of full.

You can view the gallery of Ofelia in Episode 14 of the Season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead below.

So far, no images or details of Ofelia have appeared in relation to her appearing in Episode 15 of Fear the Walking Dead. However, AMC have only released two images for Episode 15, so it is too early to assume anything untoward has happened to Ofelia in the Season 2 finale.

What do you think will happen in regards to Ofelia Salazar in the Season 2 finale of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Season 2 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 2, with Episode 14, titled “Wrath,” and Episode 15, titled “North,” at 9 p.m. ET.

The official synopsis for Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead is below. Please note, these synopses have changed since last week when AMC published them to their schedule. The original synopses can be found at this previous Inquisitr article.

“Madison struggles with Travis’ return.”

The official synopsis for Episode 15 of Fear the Walking Dead is below.

“Travis’ actions cause turmoil at the RBH [Rosarito Beach Hotel].”

[Featured Image by Peter Iovino/AMC]