We Hear You Jane Sanders, And We Won’t Stop Fighting

We got your message, Mrs. Sanders.


Yesterday you retweeted the above video of your beautiful husband saying not to listen to him if he ever tells us who to vote for. We won’t.

It pains me to think of you covertly passing messages through the bars to us like that, but we hear you loud and clear. We will not fall in line. We will not obey. We will not stop being naughty and making noise and waking up the rest of America.

We will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

We will not vote for a candidate who supported the evil and unforgivable invasion of Iraq. We will not vote for a candidate who spearheaded interventionism in Libya, creating a failed state and then laughing about its leader’s public mutilation on national television. We will not vote for a candidate who bowed to Wall Street execs when they openly issued a command to pick a Wall Street-friendly running mate. We will not vote for a candidate who staged a coup in Honduras to install a regime that murders indigenous rights activists. We will not vote for a pro-fracking corporate crony war hawk who has spent her entire political career strengthening and reinforcing everything that is sick about the United States of America.

We will not fall in line with a political party that covertly rigged its primary election and is now openly admitting it while still demanding our votes. We will not fall in line with a political party that uses its powerful influence over the corporate media to fearmonger, bully, gaslight and cajole us into forgetting that they’ve been spitting on progressives at every turn and vote for the anointed queen of the Clinton dynasty instead. We will not fall in line with a party that has placed the neoliberal agenda above progressive values on every front while still trying to convince us we have no choice but to stay with them.


This is what an abusive relationship looks like, and we want out. We will force them to either change, or leave. They are the sick ones, not us. We will keep pushing toward the light until we get what we want, come what may.

They desperately want us to believe that the way to get what we want is to give them all the power and then trust them to do the right thing. This is both laughable because they lost that trust long ago, and gut-wrenching because it highlights just how confident they’ve come to be in our submissiveness and pliability.

Well, not this time. We don’t fall in line this time. Not in 2016, and not ever again.


We hear you, Jane Sanders. Your superhero of a husband took us on a grand tour of the belly of the beast, and now it’s up to us to cut our way out. His presidential campaign was like a quick flash of light in a dark room full of demons, and now we’ve got to fight our way through the darkness to lop off their heads. And the White House is a great big head indeed.

We see you, Jane Sanders, and we love you. We know you did a lot more behind the scenes than anyone besides your husband got to witness, and we’re so, so grateful for everything you’ve done for our great awakening. Please know that none of it was in vain, and we will not waste your herculean efforts on the attempts of the oligarchs to shore up the status quo. Thank you so much, my darling woman. We won’t let you down.


[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]