‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska’s Pregnancy Update: How Far Along Is She?

Role model is the word one Facebook user used to describe Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska in a comment in an article about her on International Business Times. It is certainly no secret that Chelsea Houska has been a long time favorite from the entire Teen Mom franchise as she is one of the mothers who is considered to have her life together. This is why Teen Mom 2 fans rejoiced when learning Chelsea and Cole were expecting a baby. Fortunately, Chelsea Houska is kind enough to grace her fans and followers with consistent pregnancy and baby bump updates.

So, just how is Chelsea Houska’s pregnancy going? Well, two days ago she treated Teen Mom 2 fans to a baby bump photo on Instagram. See the baby bump picture below.

In the caption of the picture, Chelsea revealed that she is at 20 weeks – officially halfway through her pregnancy. Houska claims it feels as if her belly is getting bigger with every passing minute. She even spent some time beaming about how much her baby was kicking and how much she enjoyed feeling those baby kicks.

Chelsea and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, have not revealed the gender of their baby as of yet. Though, some fans suspected to have figured out the gender last month based on a few pictures of baby merchandise Chelsea had purchased and posted on Snapchat.

According to International Business Times, many Teen Mom 2 fans speculated that Chelsea and Cole were having a boy because of the merchandise she had purchased. However, Chelsea was adamant about the fact that some of the merchandise was purchased before they knew what the gender of the baby was. She has also gone on to say she is purchasing gender neutral items that can be used for either a boy or a girl.

“We bought all gender natural baby accessories that could be used for boys or girls,” Chelsea explained.

Before Chelsea and Cole were able to officially learn the gender of the unborn baby, Chelsea did reach out to her followers on Twitter to help her figure out whether she was having a boy or a girl. Back in July, she asked if any of her followers on Twitter knew anything about the Ramzi Theory. With this theory, the idea is that you can predict the gender of the unborn baby based on the position of the uterus. With the help of a fan on Twitter who was familiar with the theory, the fan believed Chelsea was pregnant with a boy. The fan, however, also claimed one of the ultrasounds also made it seem like she could be carrying a baby girl.

International Business Times also reported Chelsea plans to reveal the gender of her baby by either having a photoshoot or by having a gender reveal party. At this time, unfortunately, neither of which have happened and fans are still in the dark regarding the gender of the baby.

Whatever the gender might be, this Teen Mom 2 baby is due for arrival in February of 2017. This will be the first baby Cole DeBoer has had and the second Chelsea Houska has had. Chelsea also has her 7-year-old daughter Aubree with her ex Adam Lind. Having Aubree at the age of 16 is what originally got Chelsea cast to be a part of the Teen Mom franchise.

Do you think Chelsea and Cole DeBoer plan on revealing the gender of their baby to Teen Mom 2 fans? How do you think Aubree feels about becoming a big sister? Furthermore, do you think Chelsea will continue to push the idea of changing Aubree’s last name so she “fits in” with the rest of her family? Share your thoughts about this Teen Mom 2 pregnancy in the comments.

[Featured Image via Twitter]