WWE News: Creative Plans For Sasha Banks Revealed For WWE Hell In A Cell

Charlotte versus Sasha Banks has become one of the most important feuds in women’s wrestling history. It has dominated WWE programming ever since the two first battled in NXT. Since WWE Royal Rumble, The Boss vs. The Champ has been going strong through Wrestlemania, WWE Summerslam, and almost every WWE PPV in between this year.

It’s a testament to those two women that the WWE fans still want to see them wrestle in the squared circle even after feuding for almost the entire year. Their feud has been especially great for Banks because she won the NXT Women’s Championship off Charlotte and the WWE Women’s Championship off her during the first edition of Raw after the WWE Draft and brand extension.

Unfortunately, The Boss was suffering from some nagging injuries that forced her to drop the title back to Charlotte at WWE Summerslam last month after holding it for only a few weeks. After Sunday night’s triple threat match between Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte ended with the latter retaining the Raw Women’s title once again, some people believed that the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte feud was taking a backseat for awhile.

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After last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Banks vs. Charlotte is still very much going strong. In fact, WWE has booked another rematch between the two rivals for next week’s Raw, and the Women’s title will be on the line. While it is possible WWE officials could book another title change on television rather than on a PPV, there are said to be some specific plans for The Boss heading into WWE Hell in a Cell next month.

According to a new report, there is a lot of speculation that Sasha Banks is expected to win back the Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte at WWE Hell in a Cell. WWE officials had to call an audible when Sasha got hurt and gave the title back to Charlotte, but it was revealed that she wouldn’t need back surgery soon after WWE Summerslam. That was a relief, and Banks was back on WWE television a few weeks later.

The original plan was for Banks to have a long title reign after winning it on Raw, so now those plans are going to be happening after she reclaims the championship at WWE Hell in a Cell. For Charlotte, the plan seems to be that Dana Brooke will cost her the title and their feud will finally begin shortly after the PPV.

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It’s too early to know what WWE has planned for The Boss’s title reign after the feud with Charlotte is over, but the rumors are making the WWE Universe believe that the feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley is set to be reignited heading into WWE Survivor Series and beyond. There have been some rumors about that feud culminating at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, which would be a huge deal considering their history.

Recently, there has been a report claiming that WWE officials were kicking around the idea of having a women’s match main event a WWE PPV, which would be the first time in wrestling history that has happened. The first matchup on WWE’s list that could be given that honor is Sasha Banks vs. Bayley.

That would not only add another great chapter to their rivalry, but it would make WWE history and make their feud arguably the most important in women’s wrestling history. Needless to say, WWE has huge plans for Sasha Banks heading into WWE Hell in a Cell and beyond, so she’ll have even more of a reason to tell people to call her The Boss over the next few months if these plans become a reality.

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