Fairy Tail 503: Natsu’s Transformation Into E.N.D Confirmed? Zeref’s Defeat Could Result In Hero’s Death [Spoilers]

Fairy Tail chapter 504 is anticipated with great excitement as the mangaka ended the previous one with a big cliffhanger about Natsu. As the hero battles extreme pain inside while about to be tortured by DiMaria, there are two possible outcomes.

[Warning: Fairy Tail 503 spoilers and 504 speculations are ahead.]

The next chapter of the immensely popular Japanese manga is expected to be released within a few days, but fans are already excited about the near confirmation about what will happen to Natsu. With his tumor showing visible signs of internal struggle, there have been strong indications that Natsu will transform into Ethereal Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D). However, there have been speculations that the protagonist of Fairy Tail is going through the process of “dragonification.”

Natsu has been overusing his Dragon Slayer Magic. While it is not banned, Natu’s abuse of the power could trigger the process of “dragonification.” Regardless of the possibility, it is most likely DiMaria and her brutal treatment of Lucy that is responsible for Natsu’s transformation. Moreover, she is the first person, besides Lucy, to witness the awesome and terrifying event. In fact, the earlier chapter showed DiMaria was about to start torturing Lucy and Natsu. Hence she might be the one who inadvertently turns him into a legendary fire-breathing creature.

In the previous chapter, Brandish was the one who had enlarged Natsu’s mysterious lump, which was causing him immense pain. Even Lucy’s valiant efforts to stop Brandish failed. However, Natsu was spared further anguish when DiMaria arrived on the scene and took him and Lucy away. According to GameNGuide, it was believed that the Spriggan 12 member could shrink Natsu’s bulging tumor and reverse the process that he had brought on himself. However, Brandish’s efforts merely aggravated the tumor, causing even more pain to Natsu.

DiMaria appeared to have killed Brandish, but the latter managed to resuscitate and cure herself. Fans had speculated it will be Brandish who rescues Lucy and Natsu from DiMaria’s clutches. But she would have had to hurry and put an end to the impending atrocities, before Natsu’s transformation begins. Unfortunately it seems too late now.

Interestingly, a leaked spoiler for Fairy Tail chapter 503 on Reddit that is titled, The Identity Of The Tumor Is The Power of E.N.D., had all but confirmed that Natsu’s tumor is related to E.N.D. Fans speculate the tumor manifested itself after Natsu’s fight with Zeref. Right after Zeref shot a powerful light beam on the book of E.N.D, Natsu was shown clutching his chest. He appeared to be in extreme pain and agony before completely losing consciousness.

This clearly indicates there’s a strong connection between the book and Natsu, and it is quite likely that damaging the scripture caused the protagonist’s tumor to appear. However, fans speculate Zeref might not have damaged the book, but instead, he might have merely broken the seal, releasing the E.N.D. inadvertently.

Not much is known about E.N.D. The mangaka has kept the secret hidden quite well. However, the latest spoilers do suggest that Natsu’s transformation E.N.D is inevitable. Still, there are several complications, which the mangaka will have to skillfully manage to ensure Natsu lives. This is because Natsu can transform into E.N.D. only after defeating Zeref. However, Natsu cannot kill Zeref, because the latter’s end will mean the death of E.N.D, and in extension, will kill Natsu.

While Natsu appears to have escaped the clutches of DiMaria and head out in search of Zeref, he bumps into his old friend Gray Fullbuster. A battle between the two could very well ensue. But given Natsu’s new-found demonic power, it might not be a lengthy one. It is surprising to note that Natsu regains his consciousness despite suffering the excruciatingly painful transformation.

Fairy Tail chapter 503 titled “The Last Sight I Beheld,” is out according to Wikia, but doesn’t confirm what Natsu has transformed into. Will he take on Zeref after dealing with Gary, and defeat him without dying in the process in the upcoming chapter titled ‘Crack’?

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