The Future Looks Dismal With War Hawk Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton supporters are working overtime to make Donald Trump appear to be a loose canon with an itchy finger on a little red button. Yet, no one in the mainstream media seems to be talking about Hillary Clinton’s track record for peace, which is dismal. During her time as Secretary of State, she was behind the Honduras coup. Under her State Department, Syria, Libya, and other parts of the Middle East blew up into war. And Clinton has publicly expressed admiration for Henry Kissinger, a man who was responsible for widespread genocide, military coups, and government takeovers of various countries.

Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, the United States would be plunged into chaos of epic proportions. Clinton would be embroiled in scandal after scandal, to such an extent that it would make it practically impossible for her to govern effectively. Her actions have even progressives agreeing with such alt-right news and conspiracy sites as InfoWars regarding her campaign and shady dealings. And when opposite ends of the political spectrum agree, you know that things are going to hell in a hand-basket.

The future of America is dismal with war hawk Hillary Clinton.
Henry Kissinger & Hillary Clinton [Gero Breloer/AP Images]

War with Russia?

In July, PBS News Hour reported that U.S. and NATO troop buildup on Russia’s borders is the biggest since the Cold War. According to the story, this buildup is due largely in part to Eastern European countries’ (primarily Poland’s) fears of Russian aggression after Vladimir Putin forcefully annexed Crimea.

RT, a Russian news agency, on the other hand, takes a different view, saying that NATO’s buildup on Russian borders is meant to provoke a response from Russia and force Putin to take retaliatory measures.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu went before the Russia’s Defense Ministry Board to discuss the situation.

“Now NATO and the U.S. have deployed about 1,200 pieces of military equipment, including 30 combat jets, as well as more than 1,000 soldiers on the territories of the Eastern European countries on a rotational basis. The U.S. Navy ships as well as military vessels of other NATO members regularly enter the Baltic and Black Seas.”

Reuters reported that in 2008, Clinton said she would also take the United States into a war with Iran at the first hint of aggression toward Israel.

“In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

Think about this: who is allied with Russia and Iran? China. Where does the United States get most of its manufactured consumer goods? China.

Who would be completely screwed if China were to involved itself in a war between the United States, Russia and Iran?


China Controls Manufacturing

With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, according to Worldometers, they have the resources to build a massive army and a gigantic manufacturing base that can be converted to make war material. Even if that manufacturing base were bombed, the sheer volume of people in the country could overwhelm enemy armies. China could march through North Korea (which is experimenting with nuclear weapons) and take over South Korea. China regularly launches satellites into space, which means they can launch ICBMs. The government could then tighten control on Hong Kong even more.

And let’s talk about Japan. China and Japan basically hate each other. The United States would be put in a situation to protect Japan from a Chinese invasion, since the Japanese have a limited military. In 2015, a BBC story called it Japan’s “toothless tiger.”

So, not only would the United States be caught in a war between Russia, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East (to an extent), we’d also be treaty bound to protect Japan from the Chinese.

The future of America is dismal with war hawk Hillary Clinton.
[Vincent Yu/AP Images]

U.S. News & World Report states that U.S. currently outspends every other country on military defense manufacturing, so despite China’s behemoth population, we outgun them. But for how long? China produces the majority of consumer goods worldwide, while United States consumer manufacturing is anemic. Without a solid manufacturing base of our own, and with other countries busy protecting their own assets, the United States would have to scramble to create some kind of non-military manufacturing of consumer goods on its own soil to meet domestic demand.

Clinton Inspires Little Loyalty

What would devastate the United States more than a war with Russia and China, though, is domestic conflict. In a nutshell, people have little hope for the future.

In World War II, people remained optimistic about the future, despite the desperation of the times. They pulled together, supported the federal government’s calls to action for both men and women. People planted victory gardens. The Smithsonian even dedicates a story about liquid stockings women painted on their legs because the military needed the nylon, silk, and rayon used for stockings. A large portion of Americans participated in some way to the war effort.

In today’s world of rapid-fire social media, the reality of government corruption comes in real time, and trust and faith in government has since fallen drastically. People are less willing to fight a war they have no vested interest in.

Hillary Clinton inspires little loyalty from the general populace. Indeed, The New York Times reports that Trump and Clinton are in a virtual tie in the polls. Vanity Fair suggests she could lose the election because Millennials just don’t like her. If Millennials don’t like her, they certainly won’t fight in her war to prop up the oligarchy. Instead, civil discontent and violent rebellion will occur. It’s happening in small pockets already, and will only get worse.

Contrary to what John Aziz wrote in The Week two years ago, a third world war is more likely than not, especially with Russia if Clinton wins the White House.

Big Money Ties With Russia

Democrats angry with Trump’s cozy ties to Russia should also question the Clinton’s ties. As earlier reported in the Inquisitr, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with some of their loyal staffers, are knee-deep in ties with Russia. In 2015, The New York Times also wrote an in-depth piece about the Clintons’ involvement in the sale of Canadian uranium mines to a Russian company beginning in 2009. Why, then, would Clinton get us into a war with Russia and subsequently China, if she is cozy with them?

The future of America is dismal with war hawk Hillary Clinton.
Vladimir Putin [Ivan Sekretarev/AP Images]

Simple: Money.

Since Bill Clinton left office in January 2000, the Clintons have ridden the gravy train for all they can, no matter where that train originates. And now that WikiLeaks has released millions of documents detailing the nefarious actions of Hillary and her family, a convenient scapegoat is Putin’s Russia.

Clinton, on the other hand, would send this country spiraling into economic chaos, as well as push us into a massive world war, which would decimate our country. The United States is already headed for a multi-pronged disaster; whether Trump or Clinton wins doesn’t matter. What matters, though, is how each person handles it. And war hawk Clinton by far, is more frightening than Trump.

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