Christina Aguilera Has Blonde Ambitions About Music Career?

Christina Aguilera is back to her roots. Earlier this year, she debuted lilac hair while on the set of NBC’s The Voice. Then, Christina debuted her fiery red Jessica Rabbit makeover earlier this summer.

The “Change” singer has changed it up again, reports SELF. Aguilera has gone back to her signature platinum blonde hair. This time around, the singer appears to be channeling Marilyn Monroe. Aguilera took to Instagram to share this glamorous snapshot of herself along with the caption, “Blondes really do have more fun.”

This was just her a few months ago when she unveiled her red hair color. She simply captioned the below photo with a red lip emoji.

Aguilera first debuted the red hair at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on June 6, according to Hollywood Life. Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton worked on her hair while Etienne Ortego worked on her makeup.

Now, it looks like the dream team has worked on her new blonde look as well, according to E! Online. Appleton gave Aguilera her blonde transformation, while Ortego provided her with her signature red lipstick and thick black lashes.

“We decided to take Christina back to blonde as it was time for a change. Christina wore the red hair and loved it, but it was time to go back to her roots. she’s a true blonde at heart. We wanted to create the iconic platinum look so we kept it really nice and bright with a cool tone for a modern finish. We styled it in a Rita Hayworth style to give it that real Hollywood finish.”

There’s a reason behind Aguilera’s new look. Not only is she going back to her roots, but she’s going back to basics with her music. According to new reports, Aguilera is expected to release her new album, Blonde, in January 2017. Aguilera has been working hard on her eight studio album, which fans have been waiting for.

Now, in a new “exclusive” tweet, according to Breathe Heavy, Aguilera’s new LP titled Blonde is scheduled for a January 2017 release. It would make sense why Aguilera would go back to her blonde hair. Even though she’s tried almost every hair color in the rainbow, she’s pretty much stuck with her natural hair color.

Fans asked Kramer how she knew about the details about Aguilera’s forthcoming album. Although she didn’t give a direct answer, she insisted that she’s not kidding around.

However, rumors have been circulating for the past year that Aguilera’s new album would be called Blonde. That same Twitter account leaked the alleged completed tracklist of the rumored album back in 2015. Unfortunately, the album has not dropped yet, so anything could change.

Since Aguilera performed at the Hillary Clinton fundraiser back in June, she released “Change” benefiting those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting. She also dropped her new song “Telepathy” for Netflix’s The Get Down series and accompanying soundtrack. Aguilera also made an appearance on Spike’s new musical game show, Tracks, in which she performed a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

However, Aguilera has kept quiet about the details of her upcoming album. It’s not clear whether she will release some more disco-inspired jams or emotional music in the same vein as “Change” and “Beautiful.”

Christina Aguilera
[Featured photo by photographer Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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[Featured Image by photographer Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]