‘Destiny’ Guide: How To Get The Year 3 Gjallarhorn

Destiny: Rise of Iron brings an all-new Year 3 version of the vaunted Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will want to check out the below guide on the steps that you will need to take to obtain one of the most powerful Exotic weapons in the game from the Beauty in Destruction quest line.

Note that Destiny players will need to complete the Rise of Iron questline that is part of the main story mission for the expansion. This includes speaking with Shiro and Tyra Karn at Felwinter’s Peak to close out the quest.

Step 1: Obtain a Splicer Key

A Splicer Key can be picked up immediately when spawning into the Plaguelands Patrol. Simply kill, or contribute to the kill, of one of the Hive Brood Mother Wizards that spawn in the Lords Watch zone. It’s currently a guaranteed drop.

Step 2: Scan the Anomaly

In the Plaguelands Patrol, go to the Archon’s Keep zone and pull up your Ghost to detect the nearby Patrol beacons. Select the patrol with the Anomaly objective, this is the one that has the icon that looks like a Ghost. If an Anomaly Patrol is not available, go back to orbit, return to the Plaguelands Patrol, and try again.

Once the Anomaly Patrol is picked up, you’ll be taken on a mission that goes through the Archon’s Forge, the Warrens, and into Site 6. Reaching Site 6 starts a fight against a Splicer Walker in a hanger-like area. Be equipped to take it out along with the Splicer minions. An Iron Battle Axe is available to pick up during the encounter.

Once the Splicer Walker is destroyed, go to the other side to discover a Wolf Medallion laying on the ground. Scanning it with the Ghost will kick off the Gjallarhorn quest.

Step 3: Talk to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple

Head back to the Felwinter’s Peak social area and go speak with Lord Saladin. He will then point you toward Tyra Karn to have a chat about the Beauty in Destruction quest.

Step 4: Talk to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple

Talking with Tyra Karn during a Gjallarhorn quest step in Destiny: Rise of Iron.
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Tyra Karn stands inside the Iron Temple at Felwinter’s Peak. She will ask you to hunt down the 7 Iron Medallions worn by the Iron Lords.

Step 5: Collection Iron Medallions

Destiny - Felwinter's Peak Iron Medallion (PS4, Xbox One)
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Six of the Iron Medallions are scattered around the Plaguelands and can be picked up during patrols. A seventh is actually located in the Felwinter’s Peak social area and can be picked up immediately. Please see the Destiny guide on how to get Iron Medallions.

Step 6: A Symbol of Honor

After all seven Iron Medallions are collected, Destiny will ask players to speak with Tyra Karn once again. She will send you on a mission called Symbol of Honor that is actually set on the “Bannerfall” Crucible multiplayer map. Things escalate quickly, with waves of Fallen enemies attacking while trying to deactivate two different bombs. Be prepared with plenty of Heavy Weapon ammo, crowd control grenades, and watch out for exploding Shanks.

Once the bombs are defused, an Ultra Fallen Captain will spawn along with a new set of minions to kill. This will be the end of the mission.

Step 7: Talk to Tyra Karn

Tyra has some upgrades planned for the Destiny Year 3 Gjallarhorn. Speak with her once again and she’ll send you on a new collection quest.

Step 8: Collect Dormant SIVA

Destiny SIVA Cluster 1.6 is located on this platform.
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Dormant SIVA Clusters are scattered throughout the Plaguelands in missions, patrols, and even the raid. You only need to collect five of the 30 or so divided up between 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. You can start with the 1.0 SIVA Clusters guide and find five very quickly.

Step 9: Talk to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple

Almost there. One last chat with Lord Saladin at Felwinter’s Peak to give you a final mission to obtain the Destiny Year 3 Gjallarhorn.

Step 10: Beauty in Delivery

This is another huge fight against waves of Fallen. The area that you have to stand in and defend is actually very large, so don’t be afraid to move around to kill everything. This is another situation where you’ll want to start with a fully loaded with Heavy Weapon ammo, crowd control type grenades, and plenty of Super energy.

Once the waves of Fallen are destroyed, you’ll be able to pick up the completed Gjallarhorn at 350 Light. Make sure you have at least one slot open in your Heavy Weapon inventory before picking it up, though. It will end up with the Post Master otherwise, and you’ll want to have it for the next part of this mission.

Picking up the Gjallarhorn will initiate another fight against Fallen minions and a pair of Fallen Walkers. The fun comes in with plenty of Heavy Weapon ammo crates scattered across the map. You can go to town with the updated version of one of Destiny’s most popular weapons.

The Iron Gjallarhorn from Destiny: Rise of Iron for the PS4 and Xbox One.
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How to get the Iron Gjallarhorn

If you pre-ordered Destiny: Rise of Iron, you will have an Iron Gjallarhorn in your Heavy Weapon inventory at only 3 Light. You can infuse the newly acquired Gjallarhorn into the Iron version to bring it to 350 Light.

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