Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Routine: Is She Launching Her Own Cosmetics Collection?

Kim Kardashian is finally revealing her complete makeup routine. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star finally shared her seemingly easy routine, which only takes her about 10 minutes. Of course, it’s a breeze for the reality star, who often relies on her glam squad for special occasions and red carpet events.

Kim Kardashian revealed she often gets requests from her fans to do a makeup routine. Well, she “finally did it” while she was in Toronto for Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour, according to Cosmopolitan. Kardashian uploaded a nine-minute video to her website and on YouTube. She went through a quickie version of her daily makeup routine she does whenever she’s on the road, like during West’s tour. In the video seen below, Kardashian goes from makeup-free to her everyday contoured look.

First, Kim uses a Neutrogena makeup wipe to clean her bare face.

“I forgot my face was but I already started my eye makeup so I’m going to be super sloppy and just use a Neutrogena … makeup wipe,” Kim is heard saying as she wipes it across her face.

Then, she applies a dollop of La Mer Perfecting Treatment all over her face and follows up with Giorgio Armani Sheer.

“This just adds shimmer under the foundation,” Kardashian, 35, says. “Cause I love a little extra glow.”

In the video, Kim is seen with her dark tresses styled wet and wavy around her face. She’s also seen wearing a black T-shirt. Kim looks so unlike the glam girl she portrays herself as on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. In fact, she down of looks down to earth. Kim then puts her hair up to keep it out of her face as she chooses which foundation to wear today.

“Do I use a Chanel foundation or an Armani?” she asks herself. Kardashian finally chooses the Armani while she reminds her fans to apply some foundation to the back of the neck as well as the front.

Even when she’s in a hurry, Kim makes sure that she contours her face. “You gotta go in the hairline a little bit,” she added. “Makes your forehead look smaller too.”

She also bakes her makeup, using pink and golden yellow powders. Then, she applies several layers of mascara, contours her eyelids, grooms her eyebrows, and cleans up her eyeshadow. Kardashian admits that she can never apply her makeup in front of a guy because it stresses her out.

Then, she moves onto her lips and applies Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Lip Kit on “Candy K,” along with some of her favorite lip products. In true Kim fashion, she shows off her makeup look by giving the duckface to the camera. Then she notices some of her mistakes.

“S***, I should’ve winged that liner a little bit more,” she says. “Oh well.”

Also, she revealed some of her favorite beauty products on her app and website. In the video, Kim also teased her fans about an upcoming makeup line while applying highlighter underneath her eyes, according to PopSugar.

“I’m not even gonna tell you guys, because I have some exciting things coming out,” she said.

Hopefully, it’s more affordable than the actual cost of her makeup routine. According to People Style, her entire routine costs $770. Maybe she’ll follow in the footsteps of Kylie, who has an extremely affordable cosmetics collection that sells out every time she restocks or launches her kits.

If you can’t afford Kim Kardashian’s makeup routine, here are some other tutorials that will help you get her look, but for less money.

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[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]