The Celebrations Begin With TLC’s New Series ‘Sweet 15: Quinceanera’

Other than the major expenses that come along with a lavish wedding, the costs incurred for the perfect quinceanera party can quickly add up as well for many Latino families. TLC’s new series Sweet 15: Quinceanera follows cousins Alexis Fernandez and Jarling Perez as they give each family they work with a fabulous, often over-the-top event they’ll never forget.

According to TV Series Finale, Sweet 15: Quinceanera explains how a traditional rite of passage with deep cultural roots stemming from Latin America is now practiced and celebrated in many areas, including the United States. This special birthday marks an important milestone, where young girls transition from childhood to becoming a young woman. In Spanish, “quinceanera” literally means “15-year-old female.” In the U.S., the word usually refers to the celebration, but in many Latin American countries, only the girl is referred to as quinceanera. Similar to a sweet 16 or debutante ball, parents often spare no expense in order to give their daughters a magical quinceanera birthday to remember.

This is where the talents of Alexis, his wife Daniela, and cousin Jarling come into play on Sweet 15: Quinceanera, as they create for each family their own unique event. TLC shared on their Sweet 15: Quinceanera page that with roots in both Cuba and Puerto Rico, the family runs their Miami store, Bella Quinces, as a one-stop shop for everything related to quinceanera. Alexis’s parents started the business over four decades ago, and today, Alexis and his wife, Daniela, now own the family business. Jarling manages the store, and although Alexis’s mother, Irmina, is officially retired, she likes to stay in the loop with both her family and the store.

Sweet 15: Quinceanera looks at how over the years, the family has seen traditions change, and they are always striving to find creative new ways to blend the long-held cultural traditions of the past with the new, trendy ideas of today. People shared that with 45 years of experience in planning, there is no request that is seen as too outrageous for the business owners.

“From what the parents want to whatever crazy thing the girl dreams up, we make it all happen,” says Alexis in a preview clip for Sweet 15: Quinceanera.

In the world of quinceaneras, it seems as though every year the girls come up with bigger and more elaborate plans. There are all types of unusual and challenging photo shoots that can include everything from using hot air balloons to animals such as alligators, tiger cubs, and camels. Professionally choreographed music videos are popular and can include exotic cars and several costume changes. Sweet 15: Quinceanera reveals that for Alexis and his family, no request is seen as too big, too outrageous, or out of the question, including one photo shoot that was held in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.

The Futon Critic notes that on Sweet 15: Quinceanera, the party themes range from the Roaring Twenties to “Diamonds are Forever.” The party itself is a carefully planned-out event that can range in price anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Once a simple food and cake celebration, an extravagant quinceanera is often a large themed and staged event with special grand entrances, and several outfit and gown changes. The choreographed dances, along with photo shoots and music videos, complete the total Sweet 15: Quinceanera picture.

Alexis and his colorful family are the ones that make other families feel special, from managing a mother’s expectations to easing a father’s fears as his daughter takes that big step into adulthood. All the while, Sweet 15: Quinceanera examines how they try to maintain a balance between being there for their own family while juggling their often hectic work schedules.

Do you plan to check out the series premiere of Sweet 15: Quinceanera? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Sweet 15: Quinceanera is produced by High Noon Entertainment and will air on Tuesday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by Bella Quinces/Instagram]