Josh And Anna Duggar Celebrate ‘Redemptive Love’ On Their Anniversary

Josh Duggar has been a public relations nightmare for his family and the TLC network. After a molestation scandal was uncovered and an infidelity nightmare ensued, the original Duggar show was canceled. Some fans rallied behind the family to show them support and others jumped ship and watched the nightmare unfold from a distance. One thing that didn’t happen was divorce. Anna Duggar stood beside her husband as she was pregnant with their fourth child while all of this chaos unfolded.

Congratulations Ben & Jessa on your pregnancy! It was so fun to have all 3 of us pregnant together!!!

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Throughout the scandal, Josh Duggar remained mostly silent. He released a statement apologizing to his family and admitting guilt but didn’t show much emotion through it all. The Duggar family sent him to a faith-based rehabilitation center in Rockford, Illinois for treatment. Anna Duggar was urged to leave her husband and run far away. While it was unclear what she would do when it all came out, she finally came to the conclusion that her marriage was worth saving and began to visit Josh in rehab.

Today, Josh and Anna celebrate their anniversary. They have four children together and seem to be on the right track. In honor of their special day, the official Facebook page for the Duggars released a photo of the couple and said they were thankful for “redemptive love.” It is no secret that divorce would have been horrible for the family had Anna decided to leave Josh. They wanted her to forgive him and move on with their lives, and she obliged. During the height of Josh’s rehab stint, Anna lived with the Duggars in their compound. She was surrounded by the sisters he wronged and the parents he embarrassed. If they could forgive him, shouldn’t she?

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When the first reports of the molestation claims came out, it was a complete media circus for the Duggar family. Josh and Anna Duggar were living on the east coast with their small family as he pursued a career in politics. Everything changed in an instant, and she was left to deal with harsh criticism from outsiders who only knew what they had been told. Duggar spoke out about knowing what had happened between Josh and his sisters a decade ago. While it wasn’t one of his prouder moments, it didn’t stop Anna from loving him and eventually marrying him. Her parents were also in the know about the teenage scandal and allowed their daughter to pursue a future with him.

Despite what everyone thought should happen with Josh and Anna’s marriage, she decided to remain loyal to her husband and give him a shot at redemption. After he had completed his time in rehab, he returned home to Arkansas and reunited with his entire family. Josh has remained out of the limelight, for the most part, avoiding family outings and staying away from their new show, Counting On. Right now, he is rebuilding the trust with Anna and his children.

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The Duggar family has endured a lot over the last few years, but this was the biggest scandal yet. Josh and Anna Duggar celebrate their love today and are reportedly spending their anniversary with family and close friends. It has been over a year since the initial reports came out and Duggar has been back home for several months. As they move on to the future, both parties believe their marriage is worth far more than what was taken from them during those brief moments. Anna is learning to trust her husband again. Rumors of a new baby on the way have been circulating but have not been confirmed. Josh Duggar is laying low and focusing on his family above all else.

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