‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: America Gets To Choose Winner, Twists For ‘BBOTT’ Revealed

Big Brother spoilers from Monday already include the new cast, but will Big Brother: Over The Top harm the franchise in the long run? There are a lot of questions about the new online version of the show, especially whether or not it will live up to the hype created by CBS and the producers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother: Over The Top cast was revealed early Monday morning (Sept. 26). This was intended to create a lot of additional buzz on social media, with that plan already finding a lot of success.

The Twitter page for BBOTT has been posting videos about the upcoming season for a number of weeks, giving hints that fans will have more control over how this installment works. As the countdown to the season premiere on Wednesday night (Sept. 28) continues, there aren’t as many fans seeking information about the show as in the past. Could this spell bad news for the number of viewers ready to tune to the live feeds? Is CBS going to get enough new subscribers to the feeds to make this a worthwhile venture?

There are a lot of additional Big Brother spoilers for the new Over The Top version. A huge revelation is that America is going to get to decide the winner of the fall installment. This is a big change from the way that the broadcast version of the reality competition has worked in the past. Previously, there had been a jury of evicted houseguests who got to vote on the winner. Now, the producers of the show have stated that the live feed subscribers are going to hold all the power. That might be enough to bring more eyes to the program.

Producers haven’t made everything clear for fans just yet, hinting that viewers will play a role in how the nominations and evictions play out. This has created a situation where many fans are just guessing on social media about what might take place, with some ideas including America having a vote in the eviction or getting to choose a nominee each week. No matter how it plays out, it remains very clear that producers are going to give fans way more control than they have had during the broadcast episodes on CBS.

Prior Big Brother spoilers for this fall season have also shown that there are sisters entering the BBOTT house together. It will be up to Alex Willett and Morgan Willett to decide if they are going to tell the rest of the BBOTT cast whether they are sisters or if they will attempt to play the season as secret allies. Their pre-show interviews made it seem like Alex and Morgan are complete opposites in the real world, so it’s possible that other houseguests won’t figure out they are related until it becomes public knowledge.

A big piece of news is that the Big Brother: Over The Top cast is going to move into the house during the live season premiere. It won’t be pre-taped like the way producers run the summer version of the show, where houseguests typically go into the Big Brother house several days before the first episode. During Big Brother 18, the houseguests had been in the game for nearly a full week before the season premiere aired. This time, though, the BBOTT cast is going to head into the game while the live feed cameras are all turned on.

The viewership numbers for the season premiere, as well as the following episodes, could dictate whether CBS decides to air an online version of the show in 2017. Currently, this is just a test project, with producers and the network hoping that viewers will enjoy the new format. Many more Big Brother spoilers are going to come out this week, especially after the first episode of Over The Top airs on Wednesday night. Strap in fans, because this could be an exciting few weeks for the reality competition franchise.

[Featured Image by CBS]