Bristol Palin Receives Threatening Powdery Package At ‘DWTS’ Set

Bristol Palin was apparently the target of a threatening package containing a white powder that was sent to the set of Dancing With the Stars.

As Bristol gets her dance on once again for Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars, not all fans of the show are particularly pleased to see her back on the program. One ambitious individual sent a package containing a suspicious white powder to the Dancing With the Stars set at the CBS Studio Center where the popular ABC dance competition show is filmed, reports TMZ. The threatening package was accompanied by a note that read: “This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show].”

MSN notes that the powder in the package ultimately proved to be harmless, just like many others that have been sent out in what has become an occasional and disturbing trend meant to evoke anthrax-by-mail scares that peaked in the early 2000s. Bristol Palin herself has actually been sent a package like this before back during her DWTS stint in 2010.

We’re not exactly out of our depth in saying that the Palin clan is not without its outspoken detractors. Though most of the vitriol is often pointed at “mama grizzly” Sarah Palin, her daughter, Bristol, has been on the receiving end of much criticism herself. Several controversial incidents stemming primarily from Bristol’s reality show Life’s A Tripp have particularly marked her otherwise sweet and down-to-earth persona, occasionally pushing the young mom into media-pariah status.

Regardless, the threat is being taken seriously, and a full investigation is currently underway.

Maybe it’s the same disgruntled Dancing With the Stars fan from 2010? In any case, Bristol is once again safe to tango.