‘Destiny’ Streamer Series: Captain Twaz, The Rise Of A Wizard

“I’ve always loved creating things.” Creation, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, states that creation is the act of making or producing something that did not exist before. Creation can start at the world’s lowest point such as an ant hill. It can also reach the pinnacle of creation, a skyscraper, or rocket ship. Creation can happen anywhere, even in a residence in England for a video game called Destiny.

Destiny is a popular game that developer Bungie released in September of 2014. Since its inception, millions of players have sat down to engage in a war against different species across a myriad of planets. Looking into Destiny at face value is quite simple: It’s just a game. When that stereotype hits the surface, a community surrounding Destiny doesn’t make it that easy to accept. In fact, there’s a lot of magic in Destiny.

A Destiny Guardian with full Ornaments in the Wretched Eye Strike for the PS4 and Xbox One.
[Image by Activision / Bungie]

The Destiny community is surrounded by passionate streamers, game developers, players, and designers. That residence in England alluded to earlier is home to a Destiny community designer whose story is just as intriguing as the game itself.

Captain Twaz is his name and he calls himself a “big nerd,” but Destiny has meant a lot to him from the beginning.

“I love Destiny and its community. I have found many of the best friends I have now because of the incredible Guardians who play the game,” he said.

Twaz has been drawing for as long as he can remember. As a child, he said he was constantly designing and re-creating things in his head.

At one point, he had a job as the head of design and marketing for a technology company in the United Kingdom. The England-native ended up departing and in the months to follow, he stumbled upon Twitch.TV and found a streamer named King Gothalion. Soon after he found an interest in Gothalion, it only spread to other Destiny streamers such as Professor Broman, the Spazzy Prof, and others. That one evening turned into ideas that came to fruition.

He started to create images for fun and social media helped his images be showcased to the world.

Destiny Community Con
Image by KingGothalion - used with permission.

Gothalion and Broman were some of the leaders involved in Destiny Community Con, which raised over $540,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Captain Twaz had the distinct pleasure of helping to design the entire event, which Twaz believes he is the most proud of thus far.

“The Destiny community raised over $500K for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That is world changing stuff. Cory, Ben and Kevin created the event. I was proud to be involved on my end, doing all of the design for the entire event. For Guardian Con 2017 the scale of the event is increasing dramatically,” Twaz said.

It’s rare to see a gaming community take form and give back to a great cause, but the Destiny community continues to impress those around it. Twaz, who is at the epicenter of everything visual, isn’t done giving back. Guardian Con 2017, according to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, is set to take place from June 30 to July 1, and Twaz is the design director.

“I will be heading up a team of top-tier designers from within the Destiny community. I can’t wait to see us build upon what we did for DCC and go even further to help change the world for the better,” said Twaz.

Guardian Con 2017 Logo
[Image via Captain Twax - Guardian Con 17 Design Director]

Captain Twaz has completed full branding work for Gothalion, Broman, and SpazzyProf, as well as many more. Just recently, he signed on to become the lead designer for BombSquadKittens, a popular gaming clan in Destiny. That specific venture began at Google headquarters in London.

“I was recently invited to Google HQ in London by Phil Ocasio (vengePHIL). He’s head of YouTube Partnerships and Strategy and wanted to bring me in to show me around and introduce me to the UI / UX team. Halfway through the day we went to grab some lunch and we started talking about the future of Destiny,” Twaz explained.

He added, “I learned that Phil is an ex Counter-Strike pro himself, and that he is now heading up the management end of BSK with TyphoonTrav. He showed me the future plans for BSK and I was blown away.”

Meanwhile, Captain Twaz continues to develop and put his ideas to work in innovative and creative ways. Often times, an audience looks at an image or a piece of art for what it is. Looking at Twaz’s work, it symbolizes what he is and represents his brand, as he told this writer while completing the featured image.

For just a video game, it’s changed the world and lives around it.

Twaz has already done so much in a short time, but he’s not done in the “Destiny” community. While setting goals along the way, Twaz said there is still work to be done for Destiny and its players.

“I want to continue to learn and grow as a designer and human being. I want to work hard at being the best I can be and just see what happens along the way.”

[Featured Image by Captain Twaz (used with permission)]