Johnny Depp Injured On ‘Lone Ranger’ Set, Will Do Less Stunts For Movie

Johnny Depp isn’t 48 anymore. The actor injured his back during a stunt on the set of The Lone Ranger and has decided to cut back his stunt work.

Contact Music reports that Depp was left “writhing in pain” twice while filming his new movie. The actor, who is now 49-years-old, said that he’s going to have to dial back his stunt work from now on.

A source said:

”While it’s been hard to accept that he can’t perform such demanding feats anymore, Johnny is seeing it. He threw out his back twice while shooting the movie and then had to push through, getting massages in between takes.”

In addition to his injuries, Depp is also reportedly suffering from insomnia.

The source added:

”Johnny is also struggling with sleep problems so the crew has had to adjust to the fact that he can’t shoot all night. He needs at least six hours of shut eye. This movie has really kicked his butt. He’s so happy it’s wrapping up and has joked that his body wouldn’t be able to take another month of it.”

The first trailer for The Lone Ranger was released earlier this week. The new movie will be released in the Summer of 2013.

Are you surprised that the action stunts are taking such a big toll on Depp?