‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Sneak Peek: First Photos Released Of Nick Viall And Contestants Filming Show

The first photos of filming for The Bachelor 2017 have been released to give fans a glimpse of what’s ahead for Nick Viall’s season. Over the weekend, Bachelor creator/producer, Mike Fleiss, tweeted a message to fans about Nick being incredibly “nervous” during his first night of filming.

“Nick is as nervous as any guy I’ve ever seen on Night One…,” Fleiss wrote on Twitter.

About four hours on, Fleiss tweeted a head shot photo of Nick dressed in a suit with a dotted tie. He appears to be interacting with one of the women on his season of The Bachelor.

A handful of photos soon followed as filming of The Bachelor 2017 season continued throughout the night. Everything was shown in the images from the cameras to the backdrop scenes that viewers don’t ever see on their television screens.

The typically glamorous scenes on The Bachelor are made possible with the help of lights, camera operators, electrical components, and other unseemly mechanics. Trays of food in silver containers sit atop a long table under a test screen in one image shared… evidence of an hours-long taping session (the first night of taping for The Bachelor is known to go on until the next morning). On the screen above the table, several assistants are seen going over instructions with Nick outside the Bachelor mansion — a hallmark location of where the lead meets the contestants exiting from limos.

Another photo released shows Neil Lane, the jewelry designer of Bachelor and Bachelorette engagement rings. It’s definitely a bit early for Nick to already choose a fiancee, but Lane is probably stopping by to see how things are kicking off on the first day of filming!

In one of the scenes, five of the bachelorettes vying for Nick Viall’s heart can be seen. A brunette in a yellow dress has her back turned to the camera and is talking to the other women — who so happen to be brunettes as well.

Is there already a feud among the ladies brewing? There’s a pecking order that makes its presence swift on each season of The Bachelor. Nick’s will be no different.

In the final image that Fleiss tweeted, a screen test of Nick talking with a blonde contestant he just met.

Lastly, Fliess released a photo of several pieces of luggage sitting outside the mansion.

“Moving day!!!,” he captioned it.

Reality Steve released the names of four contestants who made The Bachelor 2017 season. He emphasized that the ladies might be eliminated before the show got started, but wanted fans to know which ladies made it so far.

Lacey Mark is 25-years-old from New York, New York who works as an Associate Manager of Community and Content at Bliss Cosmetics. She graduated in 2013 from Syracuse University with a degree in Political Science and Government/Middle Eastern Studies.

Leila Pari is 23-years-old who lives in Los Angeles but is originally from San Diego. She’s a model and singer/songwriter.

Kristina Schulman is 24-years-old and from Lexington, Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Kentucky and works as a dental hygienist. Her parents adopted her from Russia when she was very young.

Elizabeth Whitelaw is 24-years-old who lives in Dallas, but is from Chicago. She’s a graduate of the University of Illinois with a B.A. in Psychology. She’s now working as a marketing associate manager for Robin Technologies.

According to a tweet posted by Steve on Monday morning, he’ll share the names of a few more contestants who made it to The Bachelor with his readers on Tuesday.

The question has been raised as to whether the contestants will be older than other seasons since Nick Viall is 35. Reality Steve has assured fans that nothing will change with the formula. When Brad Womack was The Bachelor in 2011, he was 38 and yet the women were still in their mid-twenties. Producers will have the same dynamic of women they have on each season of the show. He practically guaranteed there would be the same type of personalities seen year in and year out.

Look for more photos to be released on social media as Nick’s season of The Bachelor continues filming.

The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall premieres on Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

[Featured Image by ABC Television Network]