Nathan DeSai Of Houston, Texas: Facebook ‘Muslim’ Lawyer Buzz, Photos Of Attorney Who Hurt 9

Nathan DeSai of Houston, Texas, is a very popular search item on Monday, September 26, as reported by Facebook. Although a Facebook account for DeSai could not be readily located on Facebook, reports from the Facebook page of Fox 26 Houston — such as the one embedded above — show Nathan’s photo from LinkedIn. The comments about the origin of DeSai’s name have also already begun on Facebook, as some commentators ask others whether the DeSai name is Indian, Hindu, or Muslim. Still others ask why it matters, as folks on Facebook argue if DeSai had a Muslim heritage.

According to ABC 13, DeSai is an attorney out of Houston who hurt nine individuals on Monday in southwest Houston. According to authorities, as seen in the below tweet from the Houston Police Department, Nathan was responsible for hurting nine people in a shooting on Monday — with DeSai himself being killed.

DeSai shot at least six people, with a total of nine people being hurt in Nathan’s shooting.

The Houston Bomb Squad searched DeSai’s Porsche after receiving confirmation that the car was in fact registered to Nathan.

According to Heavy, the LinkedIn page of DeSai reflects the photo of Nathan, as seen above.

DeSai reportedly began shooting early Monday morning, at approximately 6:30 a.m. local Houston time. Nathan’s shooting rampage traversed from Randall’s grocery store to the Weslayan Plaza strip mall.

DeSai died, reports, after Nathan shot people in various locations, with one shooting session lasting approximately 20 minutes as DeSai rang out shots on Law Street near Weslayan Plaza.

As a result of DeSai’s shooting rampage, six people were being treated at Houston-area hospitals, with gunshot wounds that ranged from serious to lesser wounds in the extremities.

Police believe DeSai acted alone in the shootings. Nathan is being described as a disgruntled lawyer who took his anger out on other people. DeSai isn’t being viewed as a terrorist at this time.

As seen in the below tweet from Drew Karedes, DeSai was a part of the McDaniel & DeSai, LLP — Attorneys at Law firm. However, DeSai’s landlord reported that a reduction in business caused DaSai and his partner to be forced to abandon their offices.

DeSai’s car might have been replete with weapons, as one source told police. As such, authorities employed a bomb robot to search DeSai’s car. DeSai’s dad also confirmed that his lawyer son lived close by Weslayan and Bissonnet, which is where the shootings occurred.

DeSai’s former law firm partner, Kenneth McDaniel, can be seen in the above photo. Nathan was reportedly troubled because of the failing business of the attorneys. The law firm dissolved six months ago, but it is not clear why the business of DeSai and his law partner failed.

Prior to being shot and killed by police after his shooting rampage, DeSai continued his law practice out of his home after his practice failed. Sample comments about DeSai from social media can be read below.

“DeSai is a name from India. Obviously Nathan isn’t. Maybe he’s half and half.

“I don’t understand why these dumb mfs even care about his race or religion. I’m just grateful he’s dead and the victims aren’t.

“How in the world did initial reports describe the shooter as a black man?? EDIT: I received an answer to my question. Apparently the police initially apprehended a black man, so witnesses reported him as a suspect. When the gunshots continued, it became clear that the black man was not the suspect.

Carole Kaylor said “My son was shot and wounded by this man, and I forgive him. While I don’t like what he did, my prayers are for his family that he left behind to deal with the damage that was done.”

[Featured Image by Nathan Desai/Facebook]