Teresa Giudice’s Friend Robyn Levy Says Jacqueline Laurita Sent Text Complaining Of Her Normality

Did Jacqueline Laurita purposefully cause drama during the cast’s Vermont skiing trip in order to push ratings and secure her own future on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? That is what Teresa Giudice’s friend Robyn Levy just accused Jacqueline of. As viewers saw, Robyn got into very heated arguments with Jacqueline, one of which threatened to get physical, during the trip. On Monday morning, Robyn posted a tweet that claims Jacqueline, after their first argument, sent her a text complaining of her normal behavior.

According to Robyn, Jacqueline sent her a text, after their argument during the bus ride, asking her why she has to be so normal. Robyn clearly wants everyone to believe that Jacqueline wanted someone to argue with.


In another tweet, Robyn agreed with a viewer who pointed out that if Robyn really was threatening, she would have thrown Jacqueline off her lap when Jacqueline sat on her. Robyn called the viewer’s opinion the truth.


Robyn also agreed with another viewer who accused Jacqueline of instigating the drama but then playing the victim and manipulating the cast to get Robyn off the trip.


As the latest episode aired on Sunday night, Robyn tweeted her reactions and opinions on the drama with Jacqueline.


Robyn couldn’t even believe what she was watching.


She admitted that she didn’t know Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania wanted her off the trip.


Robyn also poked fun of her “rage” persona by posting a photo of herself next to her son in the bath and joking that she was raging on his cute behind.


She even hopes to sell some T-shirts from the episode.

Robyn also watched Jacqueline’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live after the airing of Real Housewives. Robyn apparently agrees with actor and Real Housewives fan Michael Rapaport’s opinion that Jacqueline’s “vicious.”


Jacqueline, meanwhile, is wondering whether Teresa brought Robyn along on the trip to do her dirty work.

Hmm,” Jacqueline wrote in response to a Real Mr. Housewife blog post that questions why Robyn was on the trip.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance, Jacqueline denied that she instigated drama, at least when it comes to the drama between Teresa and her cousins. Jacqueline said that she genuinely wanted to bring Teresa, Kathy Wakile, and Rosie Pierri back together out of the goodness of her heart.

“To me there’s nothing malicious or mean about trying to connect people together. I did the same thing when Melissa was on the outs, to try to bring their family together, why wouldn’t I do the same for Kathy and Rosie? I love them so much and I felt so bad for them cause they were kind of pushed on the out and all Siggy and I wanted was to bring everyone together for once. To have everybody united at the same time.”


On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania headed to Vermont in hopes of boosting Teresa’s spirits. The women were joined by Jacqueline’s husband, Chris Laurita, and Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga. They were also joined by Robyn Levy and her wife, Christina Flores, who are friends of Teresa’s.

During the bus ride to the resort, Teresa talked to the group about the meeting she had with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. Teresa made it clear that while Kathy and Rosie may think that there’s still a possibility of reconciliation, she actually wants nothing to do with them ever.

“They’re never going to call me. I’m never going to call them. Door’s closed. Done.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa wrote in her last Bravo blog post that viewers don’t know everything that has happened between her and her cousins over the years. According to Teresa, she has been mistreated and backstabbed for years by her cousins and their side of the family.

On the bus ride, Jacqueline called Teresa out for leading Kathy and Rosie to believe that reconciliation was still possible, by telling them that her door’s always open and that she’ll be there for them if they ever need help. Teresa said that she said those things just to be nice. Taking Teresa’s side, Robyn began badmouthing Rosie after Siggy complemented Rosie and said that Rosie would do anything for Teresa.

“Actions speak more than words so blah f**king blah blah blah…I have my own issue with Rosie…The way I feel about Rosie is that it hurts me.”

A flashback scene of Robyn, at Teresa’s book signing, asking Rosie if she was really going to ignore her was then shown. Rosie told Robyn that she wasn’t ignoring her but has been traveling for work. Robyn continued her accusation. Rosie walked away, saying that she wasn’t going to talk to her anymore.

In a confessional interview, Teresa said that Robyn and Rosie were really close at one point but then they had a falling out, a falling out that Robyn still doesn’t understand. Teresa said that while Rosie keeps trying to have a relationship with her, Robyn keeps asking Rosie what happened with their friendship but gets ignored herself.

In her confessional interview, Jacqueline said that Robyn seems to be another one of Teresa’s “soldiers,” a person who agrees with whatever she says.


Later that night, while roasting s’mores, Robyn told Jacqueline that she confused “the living s**t” out of her. Robyn also accused Jacqueline of prejudging her and not being direct with her. Jacqueline admitted that her first impression of Robyn was of Teresa’s soldier.

“My initial thing with you was that you’re playing the loyal soldier.”

Enraged, Robyn, calling Teresa over to witness what was happening, denied that she was just there to be to do Teresa’s bidding.

“I don’t need you, who doesn’t know me… to call me a f**king soldier!…You’re f**king making me mad now. You f**king calling me a solider makes me want to rage on your f**king a**!”

Jacqueline wasn’t scared. In fact, Jacqueline challenged Robyn to fight her as she threatened.

“Do it!” Jacqueline yelled.


Jacqueline then went right over to Robyn, sat on her lap and goaded her to hit her. As the two women continued yelling at one another, the other women were eventually able to pull Jacqueline off Robyn, who continued to threaten Jacqueline while Jacqueline continued to laugh.

“I will f**k you up! Because I want to punch you in the face doesn’t mean that you need to laugh!”


When things calmed down and everyone was leaving to their respective rooms, Jacqueline curtly told Teresa that her friend was trash.

“I thought you said you cleaned the house. You forgot to take the garbage out.”

Teresa sided with Robyn, telling the camera that she has never seen Robyn behave in such a way which means that Jacqueline must have pushed her to the breaking point. Dolores and Siggy, however, took Jacqueline’s side. Dolores, noting that Robyn physically threatened Jacqueline and tried to involve Teresa in it, gave her opinion that Teresa should ask Robyn to leave.

The preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey shows that the drama only intensifies. It shows Jacqueline Laurita, during a group dinner that doesn’t include Robyn Levy, yelling at Melissa Gorga that she’s “a fake, phony b***h” who has had four nose jobs. When Teresa Giudice defends Melissa, Jacqueline yells at her that she’s a “f**king criminal.”


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