Ryan Serhant And Emilia Bechrakis On Having Kids: Are They Planning To Have Babies?

Ryan Serhant is currently reliving his wedding experience as the Bravo cameras captured his wedding in Greece. The first episode of his spin-off, Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Wedding, aired last week, and it is clear that the wedding planning was causing some troubles between them. They end up getting married in Greece, as they got married in July this summer. And because they are both successful and now married, people are wondering if children are coming soon from the couple.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant and Emilia have been thinking about having children and they even decided to open up about the topic to the Daily Dish. On Instagram, Ryan and Emilia have been joking about having children, and they’ve talked about how goofy they will be when they become parents. But have they set a timeline?

“We have an app that tells us when we should have kids, so we’re following the app,” Ryan revealed during an interview with the Daily Dish about having children, with Emilia added, “We’re not in a rush. But, I mean, it’s the next step. So if it happens, we’ll be blessed.”

It sounds like they are ready to try having children, and if it happens, it happens. Sure, they are enjoying the married life right now, but Bechrakis points out that this is indeed the next step in their relationship. And Ryan Serhant wouldn’t be the first man to become a father while filming Million Dollar Listing. Josh Altman from Los Angeles and his wife, Heather, recently announced that they are expecting a baby girl.

“That’s awesome!” Ryan shared about the news, adding, “That’ll be so cool.”


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It doesn’t sound like Serhant and his wife are willing to play catch-up with Josh and Heather, as they aren’t eager to have children today. Instead, they may just enjoy the process and have fun with trying. But Ryan Serhant realizes that he is getting older and that he needs to think about the future. And when Ryan gets uncomfortable, he starts making some interesting jokes, and this one even had his wife rolling her eyes at him.

“Soon we’re going to be like 80 and dying,” Ryan Serhant joked during the interview with Emilia giving him an odd look, as he continued, “It’s going to be awful. Just to make it relative, you know what I mean? It’s good to look at the big picture.”

But the pair has already talked about what languages the baby will be speaking. Of course, the baby will learn English, as they plan on being in New York when the baby is born. But Emilia may want the baby to learn Greek, which would leave Ryan Serhant out of the loop. Serhant hasn’t learned any Greek yet and he may not be planning on learning the language anytime soon.

“You speak such great English; it’s so nice. I’m going to let it be a secret language between you two, you four. Yes, I know a few things when I need to know. I mean, I know what your intentions are when the decibel level gets so high. Other than that, I haven’t broke out the Greek Rosetta Stone, yet,” Ryan Serhant has revealed about the possibility of learning Greek for the sake of his future child.

Serhant wouldn’t be the first agent on Million Dollar Listing: New York to pursue having a child. Fredrik Eklund has tried to have a baby via surrogate for over a year. Last year, he announced he was expecting twins, but he sadly lost them shortly after sharing the news.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s plans to have a baby?

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