‘Long Island Medium’s’ Theresa Caputo Shares How 9/11 Tragedy Reaffirmed Her Calling

Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo is famous for her apparent abilities in communicating with the dead, but she admits there was a time she wasn’t overly accepting of that gift. She shares that she gained a better appreciation for it upon visiting the memorials of where the biggest tragedies struck the United States.

Caputo tells People magazine how difficult it is for her to visit memorials, especially where the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York City took place and the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii.

The Long Island Medium star said 9/11 “was something that really pushed me to know that this is my soul’s journey and this is what I was meant to do. I struggled with it for a long time.”

For Theresa Caputo, traveling to New York City is overwhelming in itself, but visiting the 9/11 memorials is even harder.

“Something I haven’t been able to do is go to the Freedom Tower. [It’s] something that I want to do, but it’s something that I need to do by myself… but not by myself — if that makes any sense,” Theresa said.

Caputo had the same experience when she visited the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

“I could have just stayed there by myself and just… I didn’t find it scary or dark but emotional,” Caputo said. “I could feel the emotions of the people just walking by. It’s different than when I read someone. It’s more of a serenity and peace and I don’t want to say anything.”

Theresa Caputo recalls how she didn’t want to say anything at the memorial, but could feel a lot of the same emotions she “connected to 9/11.” She went on to say that she wanted to “soak up everything” she that she could sense and “savor it.”

Caputo says being a medium hasn’t been easy. It’s had its share of challenges, but upon experiencing the profound emotions at the sites where the historic tragedies broke out, she embraces her gift.

“I know that this is what I’m supposed to do,” Caputo said. “So, I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to do what I do.”

In another People interview, Theresa Caputo talked about going to the gym and how she hears other people talking to their dead loved ones. She explains that she tries not say anything and just focus on her workouts, but can hear other people in the workout facility communicating with the dead.

“I work out at a real hardcore gym so there’s all these tough guys, and I know as I’m working out they’re all talking to their dead relatives,” she shared.

Caputo’s fall tour, “The Experience,” kicked off on Sunday. CT Post reports that the audience can expect the same material as watching Long Island Medium only it’s live, commercial-free, and is two hours. Caputo told the news source that she begins by talking a little bit about herself in case no one is familiar with her. She doesn’t stand on stage, but does spirit communication for about an hour. She’s not on stage, but allows a spirit to guide her throughout the crowd where she delivers everyone’s messages.

The medium’s tour lasts until November 13. A schedule can be found on her website, TheresaCaputo.com.

Theresa Caputo added that she has a book coming out in 2017. She says fans will be the first to know and that they can always get more information on her website as well.

[Featured Image by Mark Von Holden/AP Images for Discovery Communications Inc.]