Nicole Franzel Sets The Record Straight On Her ‘Big Brother’ Boyfriends Corey Brooks And Hayden Voss

Nicole Franzel is out of the Big Brother house and back to her real life. And while she has a $500,000 check in her pocket as the winner of the Big Brother game, fans want to know if she was a winner in the romance department, too. In an interview with Us Weekly, Nicole addressed the status of her relationship with her Big Brother 18 showmance, Corey Brooks, as well as her Big Brother 16 boyfriend, Hayden Voss.

“I was attracted to him early on, but I definitely tried to run from him,” Franzel admitted of her early days with Brooks.

“I didn’t want a showmance. I didn’t think it was good for my game. I had a showmance last year and I was like, ‘That’s just embarrassing. I’m not doing it again. I’m not in that state of mind. I want to win this season.”

Nicole explained that she had a change of heart on the showmance front when Corey defended her during a confrontation with fellow houseguest and BB veteran, Frank Eudy.

“He was so defensive and had my back so much,” Franzel said of Brooks. “I was like, ‘Dang, this guy really cares about me.’ And I realized how much I cared about him at that point too.

Still, when it comes to the possibility of a real-life relationship outside of the house, Nicole admits that it could be a logistical nightmare. Corey lives in Texas and Nicole lives in Michigan.

“We haven’t even talked about it,” Franzel said. “We live so far away. I have no idea, to be completely honest.”

Nicole Franzel dated her first Big Brother love, Hayden Voss, for 18 months after the CBS summertime reality show ended in 2014. The couple split before Nicole signed on to BB18 because they both decided they wanted to see other people.

“We ended on great terms,” Franzel said of her relationship with Voss.

“And we just both decided that we were ready to see other people. I think he was more ready at that point than I think I was. I don’t know how he feels now that [Corey and I] happened. Neither one of us saw this coming. He didn’t even know I was going to be on the show.”

As for Brooks, Franzel told Entertainment Weekly Radio’s Morning Live podcast that she will remain close friends with him regardless of what happens between them romantically.

“We think very highly of each other,” Nicole said.

“At the very least we will definitely stay good friends for life. We formed a bond that was insane and it was almost instant, so I definitely think we’re meant to at least be in each other’s lives in some way or another.”


Nicole’s most recent Big Brother boyfriend initially said he did not want to get involved in a showmance this season, but he told Us that he ultimately started things off when he asked Nicole to be his “cuddle buddy.” Corey quickly realized he had feelings for Nicole, and now he’s not ruling out the potential for real life dating, despite previously telling his Big Brother roommates that he wasn’t planning to date Franzel outside of the house.

“Honestly, I would just want her to meet my friends, go out for some margaritas, get some Mexican food,” Corey said of a future date with Nicole. “Definitely want her to meet my friends and dog. Maybe go to a postseason baseball game this fall. That would be a lot of fun.”

Brooks gave a little more detail about his relationship with Nicole in his Big Brother backyard interview, saying he wouldn’t mind getting to know Franzel outside of the house.

“We’re not going to rush anything, but hopefully things progress,” Corey said.

“She’s a great girl. There’s a chance there; I like Nicole, she’s beautiful inside and out, but I haven’t hung out with her outside the house. Hopefully, she’s paying for the date.”

For now, it sounds like Nicole Franzel is all about family. Franzel told Us Weekly that her big plan for her windfall involves taking her family on a great vacation, and she said she wouldn’t be on social media very much until after she has the chance to spend more time with her loved ones.


Take a look at the video below to see Nicole Franzel talking about her Big Brother win.

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