‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Cast Revealed, ‘BB19’ House Packed With Characters

Big Brother: Over the Top spoilers include the cast revelation from Monday (September 26). The BB19 cast was revealed by CBS just two days before the season premiere is scheduled to air. It’s an eclectic cast, with 12 new houseguests announced and one still hidden from view. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that special houseguest is going to be a returner that the fans get to vote on.

It is in a report from CBS.com where fans have been getting a lot of fresh information. This includes the news that two sisters will be part of the Over the Top cast. Seven women and five men make up the BBOTT cast, with a returning guy (either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores) set to join them soon. Listed below is a full cast list, including some details about each person.

Included in the Big Brother: Over the Top spoilers are biographies from each new houseguest, with quite a few of them from the south. Alex Willett and Morgan Willett are sisters from Texas who come into the season as the first obvious duo. There are always twists presented by Big Brother producers, though, so this may not be the only duo that is joining the game.

The BBOTT season premiere takes place on Wednesday, September 28. The first episode will be available live on the West Coast and East Coast, which is something new that producers are trying out for this “special” season. Start time is 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET and it will serve as an introduction to the 13 members of the BB19 cast. The 12 listed below are going to be joined by either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores, who are the contestants in a fan vote to decide the final slot this fall.

CBS and producers have been advertising that this season will have a lot of fan control, so the vote to determine one of the houseguests could be just the first of many interactive moments that viewers get to enjoy. There had been some Big Brother rumors about allowing the viewers to either decide the nominees or even pick who gets evicted each week. Those rumors haven’t been confirmed yet but could certainly differentiate the fall installment from past years.

Julie Chen is also back as host of the show, but viewers will likely only see her once a week. As previous Big Brother: Over the Top spoilers have indicated, there will be only one new episode of the show each week. That will air on Wednesday nights and serve as the eviction episode. Outside of that, viewers will have to tune in on the live feeds to keep up with what is progressing inside the BBOTT house. With the feeds advertised as being available 24/7 this fall, this could be the most transparent version of the reality competition yet.

The entire fall season is going to take place online, with the CBS All Access application giving subscribers a close-up view of everything. That includes full access to all the competitions without the editing that takes place for CBS episodes. Will viewers be enthralled by unedited competitions, or could the down time be a bit boring for viewers that are used to succinct one-hour episodes? Either way, the fall is going to be packed with Big Brother: Over the Top spoilers, as the cast announcement was just a taste of what’s to come.

Big Brother: Over The Top Cast List

Shane Chapman (24) — A roofer from North Carolina.

Scott Dennis (24) — A debt collector from Maine.

Justin Duncan (27) — A seafood restaurant owner from New Orleans.

Whitney Hogg (21) — A medical assistant from Kentucky.

Neeley Jackson (33) — A sales associated from Fort Worth.

Danielle Lickey (23) –A pre-school teacher from California.

Michael Ligon (41) — A foreman at a tree-removal company in Georgia.

Monte Massongill (25) — An engineer associate from Mississippi.

Kryssie Ridolfi (31) — A waitress from Illinois.

Shelby Stockton (24) — A law-school graduate from Arizona.

Alex Willett (25) — An animation designer from Texas.

Morgan Willett (22) — A publicist from Texas.

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