‘Will And Grace’ Reunion: Will There Be A New ‘Will And Grace’ Show Or Is The Teaser A Presidential Debate Publicity Stunt?

Will and Grace may be together again! The Will & Grace cast reunion in a new show, which fans have always hoped for, may actually be happening, according to the Daily Mail, a decade after the 90s sitcom ended.

It’s been 10 long years since Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes made television history on the first primetime series to star openly gay characters. As Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack, the cast were a hit back then, and they are still a big hit now.


The four stars of Will & Grace had a reunion on Saturday, September 24 when they all showed up at Megan Mullally and husband Nick Offerman’s comedy show. US Magazine writes that “fans of the hit sitcom can’t get enough” of the cast pics and the sudden possibility of a Will & Grace reunion show.

The internet blew up over a series of posts that the Will & Grace cast made to Instagram, and fans were quick to jump on the hint that they might be in for a treat.


There was a definite theme going on in the posts the cast shared, and Debra Messing even made a pretty specific statement about “something big” that’s going to happen soon.

Messing’s character, Grace, was a bubbly interior designer hopelessly in love with her gay best friend and roommate Will (McCormack), but Debra isn’t at all airheaded in real life. If Debra says something big is going to happen, fans of Will & Grace can be confident that it’s true.

The cast looked to be full of excitement in their pics, making it clear that they’ve missed each other and would be happy to work together again in a reunion show.

It was more than obvious during the cast reunion that the old chemistry between Messing and McCormack is as strong as ever. Debra posted a photo of the cast with arms wrapped around each other and a cheeky grin on her face.

“Only smiling because of where Eric’s hand is!” she captioned the pic.

Everyone adored the cast pic and are pouring on the love in hopes that Will and Grace will come back, along with Karen and Jack.

“OMG what a great picture. You guys were ONLY in the greatest TV show ever!!!!!”

Speaking of chemistry between Debra and eric, there’s a cute pic of the two hugging while McCormack plants a kiss on Debra’s cheek.

Messing snuggles up close to McCormack and wrote “You smell the same!” giving fans one more reason to think that she misses Will and would love a longer term reunion.

McCormack did his share of hinting, too. He joked on “a picture of himself with a script,” that when he was Will, he could read the small print without glasses.


That tease got more fans questioning Eric and the other cast members about a reunion. Followers replied to the hint by bombarding Eric with questions and comments.

“You’re killing your fans!” tweeted one person.

Sean Hayes joined in the fun with a mysterious Hot Food tweet, but no words of explanation.


Will & Grace fans are salivating at the idea of a spin-off on the menu.


Megan Mullally, who played the “alcoholic socialite” Karen, shared a pic of herself on set. The set looks more than a little familiar to anyone who’s watched even a few episodes of Will & Grace over the years.


E! Online speculates that the frenzy of tweets and Instagram posts teasing a possible new series could have been a publicity stunt for Hilary Clinton. On the eve of the presidential debate when everyone is wondering who will win the debate between Clinton and Trump, Mullally added a video of herself as Karen Walker, chanting, “Trump!” and “Make America bueno again!”

There’s some classic Grace and Will scenes acting as the two “lifelong BFFs” try to convince “Karen and Jack not to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. ” Hollywood Reporter describes how the two point out that Karen’s “beloved maid (and friend) Rosario,” as an immigrant, is part of a group that Trump is targeting in his campaign.

Messing is campaigning for Clinton, and bringing in her Grace persona along with friends Will, Karen, and Jack could be a clever move. The cast released the video with a tongue-in-cheek announcement about the state of America and the band of heroes who will save the country. If you look closely, you’ll see that the words in caps say, “Will & Grace is back.”

“A band of heroes WILL assemble to protect the world from aliens AND destruction only an act of GRACE can save them in their battle for what IS right only they can bring America BACK from the brink.”

Everyone’s getting anxious to know if the rumors are true and if there really will be another television or Netflix series with Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack.


What do you think of the Will & Grace rumors? Will there be another reunion for a series? Will it be a spin-off, and will it be as good as the original? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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