Adele Claims That She ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s Divorce

Adele is widely viewed as the queen of breakup songs, and there is a massive breakup going on in the entertainment world right now.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last week, and news has been coming out daily on the former power couple. Whether that news involves the alleged reports that Pitt was abusing his children or that Jolie allowed their marriage to deteriorate due to other motives, it has been a sad week for their fans.

True to her billing as the queen of breakup songs, Adele dedicated one of her concerts in New York to Jolie and Pitt. Obviously, the media jumped all over the situation, and Adele’s name has been constantly linked to the divorce, with many believing that she was genuinely upset about the news.

Adele clarified her comments and made it clear that she doesn’t care that Jolie and Pitt are divorcing, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“I don’t care they broke up. I couldn’t give a f***ing s**t. They’re making out like I was heartbroken, like ‘Oh my God,’ I don’t care… I wish them both the best, but I don’t care. And, to be honest, I don’t think they really care about what you lot say. I think it’s ridiculous, with what’s going on in the world, that’s front page news? I mean, who’d have thought? It’s sick.”

She went on to talk about how she was trying to be funny but didn’t come across that way at all.

“Maybe my delivery is not always spot on. I’m not an actually comedian so my timing isn’t always great,” she said. “I didn’t mean it literally. [To treat it] as if I went home crying that night about it is ridiculous.”


Apparently, Adele actually went home and enjoyed a movie to go along with a cold beer. That night sounds much better than the night of crying about Jolie and Pitt’s divorce sounded.

There is no question that many fans are upset about the news that Pitt and Jolie are no longer together. Over the past week, it has been tough to see the couple pull apart and to see the children caught in the middle of everything.

Hopefully, Pitt and Jolie will be able to complete their breakup smoothly for the sake of their kids. Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8, are all going to go through major changes due to the divorce. Seeing their parents bicker and fight about them will make things even worse.

Adele isn’t the only celebrity who has been rumored to care about the divorce in a big way. Pitt’s close friend and fellow actor George Clooney reportedly hoped that the couple could salvage their marriage. That doesn’t seem likely to happen with the way that the past week has gone for the duo.

“He thinks their marriage can be saved,” the source explained about Clooney.

Since the divorce was filed, it doesn’t sound like Pitt has been handling things very well. He has reportedly been broken up about the divorce and has been “crying his eyes out” since he learned of the divorce being filed.


“Brad can’t help but break down into tears thinking about it. He’s been crying a lot, probably more than he ever has. It’s heartbreaking to see this good man be brought down like this. But no matter how bad he’s hurting, Brad won’t let himself fall to pieces. He will dust himself off and be strong not because he wants to, but because he has to for the kids. Protecting them is all that he cares about.”

All of that being said, Adele has clarified her stance on the Jolie and Pitt divorce. She is certainly sad to see the couple ending things, but it hasn’t affected her everyday life.

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