Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas Stuck In An Elevator Together: Is It A PR Stunt?

How would you feel if you got stuck in an elevator with your ex? Pretty awkward, right? That’s what it looked like for Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. The famous exes were trapped in an elevator together for four hours before their show at Los Angeles Live on Thursday, September 22. It looked like the two have a lot of catching up to do.

Lovato, 24, and Jonas, 27, were reportedly trapped with his band DNCE inside a Los Angeles building, according to Page Six.

Jonas took to Snapchat to document some of their frustration in which he can be heard saying, “Been stuck in here for four hours.”

Lovato is heard saying, “Oh, my God” in the background.

Jonas’ band members seem annoyed as they shake their heads at the camera. Check out the footage for yourself below.

The former Camp Rock co-stars were finally freed right before their special concert for the Marriott Rewards member. Later that night, Lovato brought Jonas and DNCE on stage with her during her set to perform the band’s hit song “Toothbrush,” reports Entertainment Tonight.

It seems like getting stuck in an elevator is an recurring theme in Hollywood lately. Earlier this month, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were trapped in an elevator for 20 minutes during New York Fashion Week. Both starlets took to social media to document their frustration.

Back in March, Selena Gomez was stuck in an elevator in Paris for a few short minutes. Gomez also took to Snapchat to share with her followers what happened, as a man tried to break her and her friends out.

Jonas and Lovato dated briefly back in 2010 before calling it quits and breaking the hearts of their fans everywhere. Thankfully, it wasn’t too awkward between Jonas and Lovato inside that elevator. She has recently opened up about her special bond with the Jonas brothers. She recently told People that they all have grown stronger and closer since their younger days.

“It’s really great because we all really bonded when we were younger and toured together. We’ve all watched each other evolve and grow up, and we’ve been able to be there for one another. It’s awesome.”

“This year’s all about a big reunion,” Lovato revealed to Billboard before the Los Angeles Live show.

She opened up about her “Future Now Tour” with Nick Jonas and being able to perform with ex-boyfriend Joe once again, saying, “Getting back together and to perform with Joe is awesome.”

According to Refinery29, it wasn’t awkward when the exes sat down for an exclusive interview together. In a Facebook Live interview to promote Marriott Rewards, Lovato joined Jonas and DNCE to reveal where they see themselves in five years.

“I would hope I’m still doing this,” Joe said enthusiastically.

Demi says the same thing, then Joe responded, “I thought you were going to say children.”

“No. No. Not in five years. More like 10, 15. If I have babies,” Lovato said quickly.

Check out the rest of their interview in the video below.

Fans are wondering if Demi and Joe’s elevator moment was all part of an elaborate PR stunt. Although all of the musicians looked quite annoyed, they sure didn’t look tired after being stuck in the elevator for four hours. They were all still standing, as well. DNCE just announced that their debut self-titled album is out on November 18, and the lead single is called “Body Moves.”

Meanwhile, Lovato’s new single, “Body Say,” is out now. The singer just dropped her new music video for the sexy new song last week. Will fans get a “Body Moves/Body Say” remix soon? They will have to see to find out. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]