Linda Hogan Arrested For DUI

Linda Hogan, ex-wife of famed WWE star Hulk Hogan, was arrested on Thursday in Malibu. Linda was booked on suspicion of DUI.

A member of the Malibu police department tells TMZ that Linda was arrested at 1:34 am Thursday morning and placed behind bars for several hours after being booked into police custody. Hogan was released several hours later after a $5,000 bail was posted.

According to the police report, Linda Hogan was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

A rep for the former reality TV star says she only drank one glass of champagne at a function in Los Angeles. According to her spokesperson, the effects of that alcohol were exacerbated because she is taking antibiotics and because she was drinking on an empty stomach, both of which are not excuses for failing a field sobriety test.

Linda Hogan was arrested for DUI after she was pulled over for speeding. The police report has not been released, so it is unclear if Linda was in the car by herself at the time of the arrest.

It looks like the entire Hogan family is attempting to get their names back onto the open market; you may recall that early this week a Hulk Hogan sex tape surfaced on the internet. Hogan claims he can’t remember the identity of the female in the tape.

Given the trainwreck that has become the Hogan family in the last several years, I can’t say I am surprised by Linda Hogan’s DUI arrest … are you?