‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Paul’s Secret Is Overheard, Morgan’s Struggles Continue, Claudette’s Schemes Escalate, And Anna Returns [Updated]

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way during the week of September 26. Paul managed to keep his secret about being a serial killer under wraps up until this point, but a visit with his daughter Susan has seemingly exposed him. Morgan is spiraling out of control, Elizabeth and Hayden are struggling over the news that they are sisters, and Claudette has thrown Nathan and Maxie a major shocker. Where do things head next?

Paul explained away his reference to being responsible for Sabrina’s death to Tracy, but viewers watched during Tuesday’s show has he visited his daughter Susan and confessed to her that he had taken out everybody who had harmed her. Tracy has picked up on something going on that has something to do with his daughter and as the last episode closed, she was seen outside the door of Susan’s room listening in on the conversation. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps note that Tracy hearing this conversation will leave her rattled and fans will be curious to see what she will do about apparently learning that her ex-husband is the “Angel of Mercy” killer. Did she overhear enough to piece everything together?

Viewers have seen some touching moments between Michael and Kiki as well as between Michael and Sonny this week, and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Nelle will be keeping a close eye on Michael. Nina is taking charge at Crimson, and Alexis will be supporting Sam although she is a mess these days with her drinking. There was a juicy confrontation between Alexis and Julian earlier in the week and everybody will be curious to see what comes next for Julian now that he’s free.


Franco was pleading with Heather to help him with some cash and he is desperate to find a way to financially support Elizabeth as she recovers from her fall down the stairs. In addition, Elizabeth and Hayden are struggling to wrap their heads around the revelation that they are sisters and figure out how they move forward. They will contemplate calling Jeff Webber together and these two have some interesting obstacles to navigate when it comes to this news that they are related.

Interestingly, Ava and Carly will find themselves in agreement over something, and Laura is said to be surprised by someone joining her on some travels to Port Charles. Also ahead this week, Anna is headed back to town, and she is anxious for answers in the wake of Julian’s trial outcome, notes Soap Central.



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Morgan is spinning out of control due to Ava messing with his medications, and General Hospital spoilers detail that this situation continues to escalate. He decided to buy a paper online to use for one of his college courses and it sounds as if he likely gets busted on this toward the end of the week. Andre and Curtis will be getting into some kind of competitive battle at the gym, and everybody will see Maxie and Nathan growing closer to one another.

Claudette’s arrival in town has really shaken up their relationship, and now there is supposedly a child in the mix. However, it sounds as if the engaged couple will work hard to stick together as they sort through the specifics of the situation. Just what is the situation regarding Claudette and Charlotte? General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is a blindside with heartbreaking news on the way for Griffin, and it will come from Claudette, so it sounds as if her antics are nowhere near concluding.


Will the Port Charles Police Department make any headway into uncovering the fact that Paul is responsible for the rash of deaths in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be some progress made, but it sounds as if the truth will stay under wraps on the broad scale for a bit yet. Sonny is going to be feeling determined to take care of something, and Dillon is about to be confronting someone.

When and how will Paul officially be caught as the serial killer, and will either Dillon or Tracy be the person who finally exposes him? Is Claudette being honest about having a daughter? Will Elizabeth and Hayden find a way to make peace with one another, and how ugly will things get for Morgan due to his medication mixup? General Hospital spoilers share that there are juicy moments on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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