‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Clyde Shoots Beloved Character, Claire & Joey Kidnapped

Days of Our Lives fans are about to see Salem be completely turned upside down by the three recently escaped convicts, Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander. The trio, who plotted their revenge on the town behind bars, are now following through on those plans. Sadly for some Salem residents, this could mean a life or death situation.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives will have another very dramatic week. As the city of Salem is being rocked by news of the escaped prisoners, many of the citizens will find themselves in great danger, and it could prove to be fatal for one beloved character.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Abe Carver will set up a press conference to answer questions and help ease the minds of Salem residents. However, the entire thing will backfire as Clyde will set up as a sniper across the street. While Abe is holding the press conference, Clyde will pull the trigger and put a bullet in Abe’s chest. This will prove to be shocking for all involved. However, Abe’s son, Theo, will be the most shocked. Theo will be left crying over his father’s unconscious body. While Abe will most likely pull through, it will be a scary moment for young Theo, who has already tragically lost his mother, Lexie Carver.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Clyde shoots Abe, Claire is kidnapped.
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After Abe goes down, Dr. Kayla Brady and Dr. Marlena Evans will try to care for him until the ambulance arrives. Meanwhile, Hope, Rafe, and John will ready their weapons and search for the gunman. They’ll also be ready to fire back at Clyde if he should try to shoot anyone else.

Meanwhile, Orpheus and Xander will be busy with their own plans. While Xander swears he still isn’t done with Theresa and Nicole, it seems he’ll be roped into helping Orpheus, aka Milo Harp, carry out his revenge plot. As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Orpheus has already kidnapped Steve and Kayla’s son, Joey Johnson. Joey is being held as a hostage, but the villains will soon add another young life into the mix. Claire Brady will also be snatched up and held hostage alongside her cousin Joey.

By kidnapping Claire, Orpheus will begin his revenge on her grandparents, John and Marlena. Xander will be put in charge of making sure Claire and Joey don’t escape while Orpheus makes other plans. However, Joey’s sarcastic remarks and temper will not be appreciated by Xander. When Joey pushes the convict too far, Xander won’t hesitate to pull a gun on him. Claire will be more calm throughout the situation, but the two teens will most definitely want to try to escape their captors.

Claire will be compliant to Orpheus’ demands, and make a phone call to her grandfather, John Black. This will worry John and Marlena beyond belief as John and Steve will likely work together to try and save their loved ones. While Orpheus isn’t ready to kill off the teens just yet, he does reveal he’s planning something huge.

“They’re all gonna end up dead,” he promises in a new Days of Our Lives preview.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: CLaire and Joey kidnapped.
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Will Abe, Joey, or Claire lose their lives during this attack on Salem, or are they just pawns for Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus to get to the people they most want to hurt, John, Marlena, Roman, and Steve?

Meanwhile, in other Salem news, Chloe Lane will be dealing with some serious drama of her own. Deimos Kiriakis has ordered her to take a paternity test for her unborn baby, and the results are about to shock everyone involved.

What do you think will happen this week on Days of Our Lives? DOOL fans can watch all the action go down in Salem weekdays on NBC.

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