Jimmy Fallon Humiliated By Clint Eastwood, Kevin James, Jack White: But At Least Renee Zellweger Was Nice To Him

Jimmy Fallon has had plenty of fun this month, according to Entertainment Weekly. The 42-year-old late night talk show host invited such big stars as Clint Eastwood, Kevin James, Jack White, and Renee Zellweger this month, and nobody regretted watching them clown around live!

Jimmy Fallon, who celebrated his birthday last week, is said to be the only late night talk show host who truly entertains the audience, and this week he once again proved it. Last Wednesday night, the host played one of the most powerful segments of his show with Kevin James.

It’s called Slapjack, but on Jimmy Fallon’s show, it means slapping one another with giant hands while playing blackjack. Round one ended in a tie, but in this version of blackjack the dealer loses, so the host got the chance to slap his guest as hard as possible.

While James was puzzled over the game’s rules, he avenged Jimmy Fallon in the next round. Then the next round The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host slapped James twice, but it didn’t look effective at all.

What looked effective was James’s slap the next round, which sent Jimmy Fallon flying off his chair.

Fallon sure is on an unlucky streak. First, he was knocked down by Kevin James and then Clint Eastwood refused to take a selfie with the host, according to Time magazine.

Although the Dirty Harry actor obviously hurt Jimmy Fallon’s feelings, he did it politely and firmly. But Fallon must have looked so sad that the Million Dollar Baby director eventually agreed to take a selfie, and even said the host could use it as part of a mini-advertisement for his new app called Bonk.

Bonk is basically like one of the late night talk show’s segments in which Jimmy Fallon messes around with the faces of various celebrities (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Adam Levine, Ryan Lochte and many others).

It must also be noted that Eastwood didn’t look impressed with the app after Jimmy Fallon demonstrated how it works. He wasn’t impressed at all.

But, James slapping Jimmy Fallon hard, Eastwood refusing to take a selfie with the host and then not praising his new app are not the only reasons why the 42-year-old host made his audience laugh by humiliating himself.

Legendary rock star Jack White joined Jimmy Fallon to perform the acoustic versions of his two classic hits, “Love Is The Truth,” and “You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket.” But that wasn’t the only highlight of White’s appearance on the talk show, according to Waaf News.

While Jack White showed up with an Army Navy Gibson, a guitar that was built for the soldiers in World War I, at the show, he mocked Jimmy Fallon for playing on a “beginners’ guitar for children.”

Renee Zellweger appeared to be the only guest on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show that week that didn’t humiliate the host, according to Time magazine. The 47-year-old Cold Mountain actress came on the show to promote her new film Bridget Jones’s Baby and to give a few lessons in cheerleading.

Apart from cheerleading in her youth, Zellweger also revealed she had competed in track events, and played basketball. Clearly impressed by her achievements, Jimmy Fallon asked the actress to demonstrate her cheerleading moves. And she nailed it!

To put on an even more impressive performance, Zellweger removed her stilettos and showed Jimmy Fallon how to do a perfect high kick. And even though it’s been three decades since Zellweger was cheerleading in high school, that high kick was amazing.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]