‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 13: Twitter Reactions And Media Reviews

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 plunges to a rare and uncalled for series of flashbacks and scenes in Episode 13 that ignited inspiration for many social media users’ witty GIFs and posts that basically criticizes the episode.

According to a review from Forbes, Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead episode titled “Date of Death” featured Chris going “full villain” after betraying his father and aiding bad people to kill another living human being.

'Fear the Walking Dead'
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While Travis remained consistent with his good moral code by helping an undeserving hooligan, Chris grew more loathsome, particularly during the instance when he conspired against his father and abandoned him to join bad people.

Though the episode was a serious down to a certain point, ComicBook.com and some social media users did not fail to make it a hilarious subject via Twitter posts.

In one scene, Chris asks Travis to trust him and tells him that he was right all along. Being the good guy that he is, Travis falls for his son’s devious guise, thinking that he has finally gotten through to him.

According to ComicBook.com, everyone by Travis had an idea of what Chris was up to. Anyone who knew Chris would basically react the way Nicki Minaj would have. Thus, this GIF.

Aside from that, there are those who see this season of Fear the Walking Dead as something that emits too much terrible parenting.

Yes, Travis is trying his best but to no avail. Even Madison and Alicia don’t seem to have a great parent-child relationship. Only one thing is sure: a zombie apocalypse is not a great era to raise an edgy teen.

This is why @jaunlozano70 decided to come up with a more appropriate title for this Fear the Walking Dead episode and posted it on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Madison and Travis’ reunion also became a subject of pun and loath from fans who were expecting to feel that happy vibe when the two characters finally reunite.

But instead of drawing the romance flick kind of awe, Travis was so filthy during the scene that a Twitter user decided to make a joke out of it and changed the dialogue.

Hilarious and horrible fan comments aside, A.V. Club strongly believes that Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 episode was not the best as far as the show is concerned.

First of all, there appears to be more discrimination in this particular episode than the previous ones with Madison, and the others deciding to decline even decent people entry to their safe haven.

“It’s an uncomfortable scene to watch—the people asking to come in are mostly Mexicans, though it looks like there might also be some Americans in the mix. And the people who are turning them away in their native land are a mix of Mexicans, white Americans, and possibly Mexican-Americans (Andres and Oscar),” the piece read.

'Fear the Walking Dead': Madison and Alicia
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Of course, Madison and Alicia appear to be struggling with the decision though it still appears a bit too discriminating, considering that the former let in some Americans.

Meanwhile, the Forbes review of the episode noted that while Travis was a generally likeable character since the onset of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, his reaction to his son’s betrayal was a bit “over-cooked, over-long, and annoying.”

“We should see Travis beat himself up. We should see his inner turmoil. What we don’t need [is] lots of long monologues and some choppy dialogue with Madison. It’s grating and unnecessary.”

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 airs next Sunday, October 2 at 9/8c.

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