Christina Hendricks' Cleavage Increases Popularity Of Conical Breast Implants

Todd Rigney

Christina Hendricks, the Mad Men actress worshiped by breast fetishists the world over, has inspired a new trend in the lucrative world of cosmetic surgery. According to The Times of India, women in the market for breast implants are extremely interested in giving their cleavage the Christina Hendricks treatment. In order to achieve this look, surgeons are using conical breast implants to give ladies the voluptuous appearance they desire.

Consultant plastic surgeon Garrick Georgeu explained to the Daily Mail that conical breast implants have increased in popularity over the past 18 months. In fact, nearly 60 percent of the doctor's patients are now interested in this particular shape.

"Up until two years ago all we had was anatomical-shaped implants to offer patients which gave a round, almost cartoonish look," Georgeu explained. "Many of my patients are women who have lost volume to their breasts with age, or after having children, and so the conical implant is ideal for them. And what the conical implant does is lift up the breast giving them fullness in the upper part giving a natural voluptuous look, similar to Christina Hendricks."

Before you rush out to schedule an appointment to update your breasts to Christina Hendricks-size proportions, there is something you might need to know about the conical implants beforehand. Although this particular procedure can help certain women achieve the look they're after, results could be disastrous if the surgery is performed poorly.

"Although patients are keen for a round, natural shape, the implants have got to be used carefully because if they are used in the wrong volumes and in the wrong people you can end up with a pointy appearance," plastic surgeon Nilesh Sojitra explained. Unless you're keen on resembling Madonna's infamous pointy bra, you may want to proceed with extreme caution.

Although Christina Hendricks is flattered that her body is inspiring women to take pride in their figures, she doesn't want to encourage her female fans to increase their bust size just to look like her. "I hope I am not encouraging that. If there’s anything to be learned from it, it’s that I am learning to celebrate what I was born with," the actress explained.

Would you get plastic surgery in an effort to look like your favorite celebrity?