Snakes On Mars And Shoes On The Red Planet: Conspiracy Theory Or Government Cover-up?

Coburn Palmer

Congress wants NASA to send astronauts to Mars, and Elon Musk insists he's going to help colonize the red planet, but several UFO aficionados insist there's already life on the alien world.

Then again, it could all be a giant cover-up orchestrated by NASA as an excuse to keep spending federal money or keep people distracted from the economy.

The latest round of conspiracy theories come from so-called Rover deniers who argue NASA never the Earth in the first place. They point to a snake-like rock formation pictured in the latest round of Mars Rover photos as proof of their argument, as the conspiracy theorist group SecureTeam notes on Youtube.

"I'll give you a hint, there is no rover on Mars. These photos are taken in the desert. Likely in Nevada where area 54 is located."

"There is an increasing number of people who believe that NASA's rovers never left the Earth in the first place. The pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet."

"While looking through some Mars rover photos, I found a lone shoe on the edge of the crater. This is probably a shoe of a species that were at war in long ago, the shoe being the lone evidence that the person had ever existed."

A few months ago, Warren spotted another sneaker in rover photo and he's not alone. The internet is full of videos made by amateur scientists struggling to solve their own personal mysteries about shoes appearing Mars.

It's a phenomenon known as pareidolia, the tendency for the human mind to spot familiar patterns in random pictures; it helps babies focus on their parents' faces and allowed early humans to spot danger, according to Time.

"More often than not it's a false alarm, but better to overreact fifty times than under-react even once."

As far back as the moon landing, there have been conspiracy theorists who argue NASA has faked all of its footage. At the time they argued the space agency faked the moon landing so the U.S. could win the space race, or as a way to increase federal funding or to draw attention away from the Vietnam War.

Although the film is fake, the producers admit NASA might be a bit upset at them. After all, the space agency doesn't have a great deal of humor concerning the claim they fake the moon landing.

Filmmaker S. G. Colins of Postwar Media explained to Space that the video technology available in the 1960s was simply not advanced enough to fake an Apollo moon landing.

What do you think about the shoes and snakes being found on Mars?

[Featured Image by NASA/Arizona State University via Getty Images]