Mischa Barton Has Left the Building!

Are any of us really going to complain that Mischa Barton has now left the U.S. and has settled down in Paris? I think that she just can’t handle the pressure, considering that she cited “time off” as one of the reasons for her move.

“I’m living in Paris right now so I thought I would come down for a few days,” the British-born actress told PEOPLE at the Chopard and Alberta Ferretti Opening Gala on Wednesday night. (She has two movies at the festival, including You and I.)

I know that she has done four pictures in 2008— two that recently were at Cannes Film Festival– but to me, she doesn’t seem incredibly busy. It might be the fact that she filled in last minute as a replacement model recently (if her schedule allows that, then she can’t be booked full-up) or perhaps that I just don’t like her that much.

I wonder if the paparazzi will hound her like they do the Jolie-Pitts. Doubtful, but that could change if she reverts back to her old ways— she did admit that the French Riviera was “pretty manic.”