Four-Year-Old Narrates Mountain Bike Ride In Adorable Video

A video of a four-year-old narrating his mountain bike ride with his father is going viral in part because of how amazing it is to see a pre-schooler navigate expert-level terrain on his bike but largely because of his adorable commentary.

Four-year-old mountain biker Malcolm shouts with excitement as he starts his ride down a hilly terrain, calling out to his father, “I’m doing it! I did it, dad! I loved it!”

The four-year-old mountain biker’s commentary video showed up on Reddit this week where it shot to the top of the Videos board and garnered more than 1,100 comments from viewers.

As The Huffington Post points out, the four-year-old’s mountain bike commentary video is “so endearing, you’d be forgiven for expecting that things could only go downhill (pardon the pun).” But adorable is the only thing viewers will see.

The video was shot at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire using a helmet-mounted camera attached to Malcolm. As Reddit users pointed out, the boy’s hilarious monologue and misunderstandings with his dad make the already amazing feat turn hilarious.

At one point, Malcolm’s father tries to check on his four-year-old son, but the exchange doesn’t go too well.

“Can you see well?” his father asked.

“No, I don’t need to pee.”

His father stays supportive and helpful the entire time, and, watching the video as he swoops down the path and over obstacles, it’s easy to forget that the child was in diapers not too long ago.

Here is the video of the four-year-old’s mountain bike commentary: