Backstreet Boys To Replace Britney Spears In Vegas As She Makes New Plans

Britney Spears is reported to be replaced by the Backstreet Boys, who they were inspired by for their forthcoming residency. But, the princess of pop is cool with that since she has some future career plans of her own.

The Backstreet Boys are back in Las Vegas. Earlier this week, the boy band confirmed that they will have a residency located at Planet Hollywood, reports The Star Advertiser. The Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life show will include the original members — AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, and Nick Carter. The first concert is scheduled for March 1 and tickets will go on sale on Oct. 1.

The show will be located at the same theater where Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez perform their Las Vegas residencies. Spears, 34, even persuaded the boys to book a Las Vegas residency there, according to The Hamilton Spectator.

“We’ve known Brit for years. Me and Kevin went to see her show earlier this year and right before it started she had me come up to her dressing room to take a selfie with us,” AJ McLean said. “We started talking and I was asking lots of questions [about her show], ‘How do you like this? Is it cool? Cause we’re trying to do the same thing.’ She literally said, ‘This is the best job ever!’ She said that it’s hard work, but easy in the sense that you get to be with your family more than when you’re on tour, and have somewhat of a normal life.”

Spears has some other ideas in plan for her career’s future. She doesn’t want to sing and perform all of her life, of course. Following up to her release, Glory, Spears has announced that she will be launching a new social media app for her fans. The app will allow fans to interact with the pop legend and ask questions between Spears and her dedicated Britney Army fan base, reports Tech Times.

“I meet like 30 to 40 people every night,” Spears said. “They come in, I say hello to them, and we take pictures and they show me their tattoos, and they show me all these different things and it’s cool. It’s really fun. There’s a lot of regulars that come back every week.”

“With my app that I’m coming out with soon, there’s a lot of skits and a lot of interaction with the fans where I actually ask them questions and bring them into the situation so we can have some kind of connection going on.”

Back in May, Glu Mobile released the iOS and Android game entitled Britney Spears: American Dream, which allowed fans to work their way up the ranks to achieve pop star status with Spears leading the way. Although the game was from the same creators who released the hugely popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, it didn’t capture the audience.

In addition, Spears plans to host a cycling class for charity. She will get her own stationary bike in October to help raise money for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, according to a report via Contactmusic. The Britney Spears Piece of Me Charity Ride will take place at Xcycle in Las Vegas, where she’s currently performing her residency. Only 25 lucky fans will be able to ride with her for 45 minutes.

However, it will set them back $10,000 to $50,000 to ride with the pop legend. Proceeds will benefit the NCCF’s One Year One Home Capital Campaign. If a fan donates $10,000 to the charity, then they will get to cycle for free and watch Spears on stage at her Las Vegas residency. The Britney Spears Piece of Me Charity Ride will take place on Oct. 27.

In the meantime, Spears has been teaching dance class while on break from her Las Vegas residency, as seen on her Instagram page.

[Featured image by photographer Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]