Kris Jenner’s Involvement In O.J. Simpson And Nicole Brown Simpson’s Relationship: The Disturbing Details

About two decades ago, Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson was one of the most revered personalities in football history. This changed in 1994 after his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her close friend Ronald Goldman were found dead at her Los Angeles residence. O.J. Simpson was charged for the murders, but was later acquitted.

Currently serving a 33-year jail term after being convicted for armed robbery and numerous other felonies, more explicit details about his relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson have recently emerged from Kris Jenner, who was one of her close friends being one of the main contributors. Delving a bit into the Kardashians and Simpsons relationship, Kris’ husband, Robert Kardashian, was O.J. Simpson’s best friend and legal adviser, while she and Nicole were pals by association.

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According to Kris Jenner’s revelation while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, O.J. Simpson called her numerous times soon after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. He was apparently in a somber mood and was trying to deal with the loss of his ex. The following was her exact statement in regards to this.

“Right after. He called me a few times. He wanted to talk, and explain how he felt… It was painful. You know, it was just every single day it was something different and it was really difficult because my ex-husband [Robert Kardashian ] was on one side, I was kind of on the other and the kids were stuck in the middle. It was trying to explain this to children and then O.J. had called and everybody lost so much that night. It was you lost everything you knew and I can’t even imagine being her family, her sister, her parents—they were so devastated. All of us friends were completely you know…it was hard.”

This is as reported by Vanity Fair. Kris also revealed that she was as surprised as anyone else seeing the drama unfold on television, saying the 911 call recordings were especially disturbing. Kris Jenner expressed the guilt she felt for not helping Nicole Brown Simpson in her relationship with O.J. Simpson.

Apparently, the abuse revealed after her death was not apparent to Kris Jenner, but just a day before she was killed, Nicole had requested to talk to Jenner about some things that she had in her safe. Apparently, Kris Jenner did not pay much attention, but speculated that Nicole Brown Simpson wanted to talk to her about the abuse.

That said, Kris Jenner has in the past been accused of having an affair with O.J. Simpson while she was dating Cesar Sanudo, a professional golfer in the ’70s. Apparently, she also had a fling with him while she was married to Robert. This is according to a report by Hollywood Life, which states that sources who spoke to Star magazine following the release of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story confirmed that O.J. Simpson and Kris Jenner did indeed have an affair.

Mismatched facts about her when she first met him in her book Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian have been viewed as evidence that she is hiding something. In the first chapters, Kris alleges to have first met O.J. Simpson when she was 19 and in later chapters says she was 17.

According to Carlos Sanudo, brother to Cesar who dated Kris before she married Robert, Kris cheated on his brother with O.J. Simpson. However, there is no hard evidence supporting the cheating claims. But if she indeed hooked up with O.J. Simpson, Kris Jenner’s relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson must have been incredibly complicated.

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