Eight-Year-Old Alabama Girl Cecelia Crawford Gives Romney The Business On Big Bird: ‘You Find Something Else To Cut!’

Mitt Romney may have won the debate Wednesday night in the eyes of many Americans, but his comments about cuts to PBS and in particular, Big Bird, did not sit too well with eight-year-old Alabama girl Cecelia Crawford, who penned an angry letter to the candidate — which her mother sent on to the Huffington Post.

Cecelia Crawford may not have an in-depth understanding of the economy or social issues discussed during Wednesday’s debate — and the debate may have even been a bit after her bedtime — but she still managed to vent at Romney after he promised to cut programs like PBS if elected.

During the debate and addressing host Jim Lehrer, Romney took a hardline stance against PBS and Sesame Street, telling viewers that he planned to make cuts to the network. Romney explained:

“I’m sorry, Jim, I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS … I like PBS, I love Big Bird — I actually like you, too — but I am not going to keep spending money on things [we have] to borrow money from China to pay for.”

Crawford admonished Mitt in her handwritten-on-looseleaf letter, telling the candidate that she loved Sesame Street when she was little and hoped that the show would still be around when she has kids of her own.

Little Cecelia said in part:

“When I grow up I’m going to get married and I want my kids to watch it so do not cut it off … You find something else to cut off!”

Indeed, it seems that while Romney made a more aggressive showing at the debate, much of America’s sentiment after echoed that of Cecelia Crawford and her horror at slicing funding to PBS and Sesame Street.

Do you agree with Cecelia that Mitt Romney should find something else to cut off?

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