One Direction’s Liam Payne, Harry Styles, And Niall Horan Work On Debut Solo Albums: Different Styles And Methods

One Direction’s Liam Payne is hard at work in the recording studio, collaborating with an R&B master, LordMaster that is. According to the Mirror, Lord MasterJeanB, whose real name is Jean Malvo, is burning the midnight oil with Liam trying to create an awesome debut solo album for the 1D singer.

Niall Horan and Harry Styles are also working on debut solo albums. Harry has a long list of collaborators, according to Inquisitr, but there is no word yet on Niall’s progress. Niall was the last to sign a contract, having first traveled extensively and playing a lot of golf, before getting back to work. Horan seems to be trying to relax now by playing more golf, according to Unreality TV. Of course. Niall could be writing songs in his head, even as he swings the club.

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is currently working on his second solo album. Zayn also prefers R&B style music. Zayn has had quite a bout with his anxiety around crowds lately, but he doesn’t seem to mind the studio.

Liam Payne is working day and night pushing for quick production, as One Direction used to do while Harry Styles is apparently taking his dear sweet time. Liam only signed his contract in July so there is no reason to think he will be finished soon, even if he is powerfully inspired or in a terrible hurry. Liam is quoted in the Mirror stating his continued allegiance to One Direction immediately after signing his solo record contract.

“One Direction will always be my home and family but I’m very excited to see what this chapter brings!”

Niall Horan is, of course, barely getting started, if he has begun at all. Niall has been suffering from a really bad case of acid reflux disease, and may be waiting for that to clear up before he tries to record.

All the One Direction boys are staying out of the public eye. Liam Payne was last seen at a family wedding in June. Niall attended a boxing match about a month ago, according to Inquisitr, and Harry Styles was spotted dating Kendall Jenner over Labor Day Weekend, after filming the Dunkirk movie for nearly seven months.

Harry Styles, meanwhile is rocking out with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, as Liam turns toward R&B. Styles has also crafted a sweet and romantic duet with Meghan Trainor for his new album. Harry’s album will be released some time in 2017, but there has been no specified release date.

Liam Payne by Kevin Winter c
Liam Payne [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Liam Payne, though working hard, is complaining fiercely about being away from Cheryl. Liam and Cheryl have been talking about starting a family and there are rumors that she is already pregnant. There have been no announcements, so fans are left to guess. Some say Cheryl is looking healthier and may have gained a little weight, but it is hard to tell. She still looks thin.


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Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan are all working on solo albums, but unless Louis Tomlinson has installed a secret music studio in his house, he isn’t working on anything. Sure, he’s busy with Baby Freddie, but one has to wonder if he might be planning some sort of musical surprise for fans. A secret home studio would be so cool, and with new technology, not nearly as expensive as those things were in the past.

Harry Styles’ album promises to be amazing considering all his collaborations. He’s even spoken with the two remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, about his music. He’s also worked a bit with an Irish folk band. He’s definitely working toward a groundbreaking innovative musical masterpiece.

One Directions members are all using different artistic methods. Styles, Malik, Horan, and Payne are being given the time to learn their own creative styles, rather than rushing through a prescribed process.

Harry Styles is systematically studying various styles he likes and getting help and advice from those he admires. He is dead-set on high quality in everything he does, so he is taking his time to create an innovative new style of rock.

Niall Horan by David Cannon c
Niall Horan by David Cannon c

Zayn Malik’s first album was amazing, but largely a compilation of everything he had always wanted to do and was not allowed to in One Direction. His sexy R&B was way too hot for 1D’s Modest Management or Simon Cowell.

Liam Payne has sought out coaching and collaboration from several R&B artists. He is working with them on the actual recording now, apparently.

Niall Horan chose to experience more in his young life before even attempting to write his solo music. He’s been traveling all over the world seeking out new experiences in all directions. He may have jotted down lyrics or worked on melodies as he traveled as well, but he felt he needed that experience to broaden and deepen his outlook.

One Direction’s Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik will all likely release solo albums in the first half of 2017, and then return from hiatus in the summer of 2017.

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