Drake, Rihanna Romance Causing Chris Brown’s Downward Spiral?

Drake and Rihanna are definitely having a great time in their relationship and the two seem to be going pretty strong at the moment.

The Inquisitr had quoted the Hollywood Gossip as saying that the two have been talking about getting married. Not just that. The pair has even decided on the venue for the marriage–Barbados. Drake and Rihanna are planning a pretty lavish ceremony and are going to be flying all their guests in a private jet.


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Although there have been some rumors that state that there is nothing serious brewing between the two. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, said the two were just friends. The Inquisitr quotedTMZ as saying that there is nothing brewing between Drake and Rihanna. “I don’t know about settling down. No, they’re friends. There’s no relationship, they’re friends,” he said. Do you think Rihanna and Drake are just friends?

It could be a coincidence or a fact that ever since Rihanna and Drake made their relationship official at the VMAs this year, Chris Brown has been losing control. Chris Brown has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. And now, Chris is out to criticize Drake and Rihanna for their relationship.

The Inquisitr quoted Hollywood Life, as saying that he does not believe Drake and Rihanna are meant to be together. “Chris doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece,” an insider said. “[He] ain’t buying that for a minute.” It’s pretty worrisome that Chris Brown wouldn’t acknowledge the relationship between two adults.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Chris Brown has also been investigated by child protective custody services. The rapper, however, refuted the charges and posted an Instagram message that said that he takes care of his daughter.


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“I take care of my daughter fully,” Brown said in an Instagram video. The video has now been deleted. “Somebody make (sic) an accusation, 90 percent of y’all believe it, and it’s bulls–t. The last three weeks or whatever been going on with the accusations, you know it’s false.”

The Mercury News had also reported that Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of “assault with a deadly weapon.” Do you think Chris Brown’s erratic behaviour is due to Drake and Rihanna’s growing closeness?

Chris is definitely not convinced about Drake and Rihanna’s relationship, the Hollywood Life said. “Chris doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece,” an insider said. The source goes on to say that Chris finds it hard to believe that the two are serious. “[He] ain’t buying that for a minute.” Looks like Chris Brown isn’t going to give up anytime soon.

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At the VMAs, Drake made sure he expressed his love for Rihanna without any hesitation, People magazine stated. “She’s one of my best friends in the world. She’s a living breathing legend in our industry. She’s someone who I’ve been in love with since I was 22-years-old,” he said. Drake went on with the praises and said that she hasn’t changed since the start of her career. “She succeeds by being something in which no one in this industry does which is by being herself – the same girl from Barbados surrounded by the same friends. We love the videos which change their artistic vision from year to year. But most of all we love the woman who hasn’t changed from day one.”

With Drake and Rihanna’s love going so strong, do you think the two are going to settle down soon? Do you think Chris Brown will ever get back with Rihanna? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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