In New Autobiography, Bruce Springsteen Reveals The Intimate And Explosive Details Of His Love Life

Georgia Makitalo

In Bruce Springsteen's highly anticipated new autobiography, Born to Run, Springsteen reveals how he got into music, his relationship with the E. Street Band, his legendary music, his relationship with his "pop" and his complicated relationship with women. Many of his songs like "Rosalita" and "I'm On Fire" reveal a romanticism that made Springsteen so desirable. Yet, his relationships remained complicated for years. In his memoir, Springsteen reveals that the first woman he married did something he could not forgive, while after some self searching, he discovered that the woman that he really loved was right there all along. This woman turned out to be Jersey girl Patti Scialfa. How did this story go?

"There was a part of me, a significant part, that was capable of great carelessness and emotional cruelty. That wanted to wound and hurt and make sure those who loved me paid for it."

"I knew people who knew a lot of actors, so I got to know Julianne. I brought her to a show, introduced her to Bruce. I figured she'd be right for him because she was very down to earth. And the rest is history."
"Juli was a lovely girl, but he just seemed like he was trying to be a different person. I think he was trying to develop a way of being on a social level. And Julianne wasn't anywhere on his train of thought."

"The emotions of mine that were uncovered by trying to have adult life with a partner and make that work uncovered a lot of things I'd avoided and tried not to deal with previously."
"What was obvious on the Tunnel tour was also obvious at an early point in the Born in the U.S.A. tour, let's just say that."
"I didn't protect Juli. Some sort of public announcement would have been fair, but I felt overly concerned about my own privacy. I handled it badly, and I still feel badly about it. It was cruel for people to find out the way they did."
"Julianne's just had her whole life blown apart. With Bruce behaving like this, she feels she's been living in a fantasy for three years."
"A misogyny grown from the fear of all the dangerous, beautiful, strong women in our lives crossed with the carrying of an underlying physical threat, a psychological bullying that is meant to frighten and communicate that the dark thing in you is barely restrained. You use it to intimidate those you love … I can't lay it all at my pop's feet; plenty of it is my own weakness and inability at this late date to put it all away."

"I have always been incredibly private when it comes to my private life. The one and only thing I will say is that the period was a time of incredible growth and introspection for me. And I will forever give that credit to Bruce."

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