Digital Dudz Provides Halloween Costumes For The Modern Age

Digital Dudz is currently offering up a collection of Halloween costumes that are sure to make you the talk of the neighbor this October. Instead of dressing up as a pirate, a witch, or something you might find lying on the floor at your local corner drugstore, the company hopes you’ll entertain the idea of buying a T-shirt with a hole in it. But wait, there’s more.

According to Uber Gizmo, the Digital Dudz Halloween costumes are more than just a T-shirt with a hole in the middle. The apparel, which feature a wide variety of characters and designs, allows the wearer to strap a smartphone behind the opening in order to bring the designs to life.

For example, one T-shirt offered by the company depicts a rather unpleasant fellow who uses safety pins to stretch his left eye open. After downloading the Digital Dudz app into your smartphone of choice and strapping said device to the back of the shirt, you can make it appear as though the gentleman on your chest is looking around the room. Although it may sound gimmicky and a little cheesy, the effect is actually rather impressive.

As Yahoo! News points out, the most interesting Halloween costume currently being offered by Digital Dudz is the so-called iWound. The latex piece is designed to look like a massive chest wound, one that immediately comes to life when you drop your smartphone into the object’s back pocket. Install the app, position your device, and watch as a gory heart beats through the bloody opening. Once the piece has been combined with a button-down shirt, your outfit is essentially complete.

Digital Dudz is currently selling its line of creepy Halloween T-shirts for $23.50. However, if you’re looking to invest in the iWound, prepare to spend around $34.50. Those looking to make an impression at this year’s office Halloween party might want to think about placing an order soon.